Save the world, the development

If you are a great Fortnite player and eagerly waiting to see the latest development in save the world then this is what up till now has been done. Let’s take the look into the development process, the things which are going to take place in save the world.

Player reporting:

Save the world is very good for playing it with the other players and the entire focus of the game will be into it. But, if the other player is not taking the rule very seriously, and spoiling the entire experience of you, you got the chance to report it.

There may be few bad eggs, which will try their ass hard to spoil the entire experience, to get them away from going with you; the team saves the world, offering you the report the player option.

Starting from the next week you will start getting an image message about the player you reported, to make the experience fine and working smoothly for you and the entire community.

In upcoming weeks you will see how hard the team fortnight is working and to make the Fortnite a better platform to play.

In the algorithms what developed by the team Save the world, not every report generate the penalty; some fake reports also can make you annoyed. So, the action will be taken against the serial offenders.

The penalties will be ranged from a warning to a permanent ban

Team Saves the world with your contribution will refine this feature to make the Fortnite better place to play.

Canny Valley:

Team save the world is very happy to announce the canny valley campaigns and New Biome which are landing very soon in the game.

You will see the very first act of canny valley after 5.0; this will take you to explore the new and unique places, Aird parts of the Fortnite world and much more in the row.

The story of Canny Valley campaigns comes with many questions- like was Dr. Vinderman a hero or villain, and what happened to him actually, or who is the real ray, and where is she now?

There will be questions like what is the storm, and why did that happen?

So, that will be a nice addition to the game, and we are eagerly waiting to get this going in our game.


Did you enjoy Min-maxing to nail down the storm? if yes, then there is a new feature like this, which will help you more in getting the storm defeated.

Collection Book research Recruitment:

Did you find it hard to directly acquire the specific heroes and schematics in the game; now with the latest update v4.5 you can directly acquire the schematics and heroes by using the extension to the collection book?

Now by using that feature, you will be spending flux and training manuals to recruit them with the new menu option and collection book.

Majority of heroes, schematic, trap schematics will be there to search and get.

And it does not matter you already have the item or not, you will get a new level 1 copy of that, we are hoping you will love to get this feature in the latest updates.

Collection book insulting:

The next update will also have the mechanism to slot the items from the collection book.

Whenever an item is removed from the collection book, that tool will be removed from Book XP.

Do not worry, you will not be losing any reward or level in this, what you already have earned, but you will have to pay back, in this case, the lost XP before the book getting advanced.

Changes in Controls:

 Builder Pro:

While getting the save the world landed, we are very happy to announce that there will be changes in Builder pro controls and about which we got lots of requests, the team of saving the world aims to get it done in 4.5 updates.

Mode Specific Key bindings:

We have made some changes recently in Key binding, and with the development of saving the world, we got a fair amount of request to separate out, save the world and Battle Royale keyboarding key binding, and we are

Trying our ass out, to get it done in the upcoming updates 4.5

Missions and enemy variety:

Though it was our objective to increase the missions and enemy variety and we get a lot of request about the same. In the next few months, you will be looking at least two brand new enemy types, and we got a lot more to share in the near future.

In the short term, in the upcoming update 4.5, we are very sure to provide you with the variant of shielder, followed by the new Friend Zapper.

Challenge the Horde:

A new concept in the upcoming 5.0, a type of re-introduction, challenge the Horde will grab your attention for sure

This mode is made focusing on getting the combat quickly, and the entire focus of 5.0 will be upon this.

Reworked combat:

Playing the save the world with the full set of 10 waves, was a thing to get you going for hours and a significant amount of time required to get it done.

So, in the upcoming update, we are looking to shorten the number of length of the waves, the world map will be reworked, with new Arid Biom, and with the four bases closer together.


Integration of Mini-busses is highly applauded this time, and these bosses will start spawning in higher difficulty encounters, to reduce the randomness of the waves and with this, you will be better prepared for the next waves.


The addition of new rewards like Gold, even tickets and perk materials, and the amount of award with the increased number is really a good addition to grab the attention of the new players into this.

There are lots more other exciting features and things in the store to show off, we will be working hard to bring missions and enemy variety to provide you the refined gaming experience from the core of the heart.