Overwatch team up feature under development phase

Overwatch team up feature under development phase

Overwatch team up feature under development phase

You probably do not know the latest development which is in development phase regarding Overwatch looking for group feature. And owing to this feature, the players will be able to find and team up with the other players, without any hiccup. But, before that, the designer of the game, Scott Mercer took this medium to express his views and to clear the misconception regarding SR.

There are miss-conception in the community regarding playing in a team, community thinks they lose more SR when they get defeated in a team, compared to what they defeated solo, and they get few SR when they win as a team compares to solo.

He added

“It does not matter if you are playing solo or as a team of Six if you are a 2800 SR player grouped with the other five other players having the same status, the Skill rating change after winning or losing, is exactly the same as if you played the team or solo”.

He addresses another issue and nodded positively, that time is really getting the issue, relating to team up against the cohesive groups.

The groups which spend more time together got a better understanding, and those who do not spend much time and break-off do not have this thing.

So, those who stay long in the grouping, get higher SR than the groups which do not click.

Mercer also shared the data behind the groups and formula to consult the groups and match up

He added, before each potential match, the matchmaker of the game calculates the chances of winning or losing basis on SR of the players.

The team owing less than 40% chances of winning will not match, and the match will not be created, the matchmaker will look again.

The higher your rate of winning according to SR, the lesser you will get after winning the match, and higher you will lose and losing the battle.

And he also shared the data of winning of the matches of solo players and grouped players.

Interestingly a solo player got the ratio of winning 49% of the matches, which is higher than some grouped team, on the other hand, a group of six players got under 53 winning ratio.

So, playing in the group of six higher chances for you to win the battle and higher chances to win SR

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