Fallout 4 console commands

Fallout 4 is finally in our hands, and available for the general public to play. It has not been more than six months when the project was announced, and within the six months of time period, the project has finally hit the ground.

Fallout 4 is one of the best games you ever have played, and though this has not been that far, and the community has uncovered dozens of cheat codes. Here we are up to provide you the cheat codes.

So, do you want to push the boundaries, do you want to push the bounds the way Bethesda meant for the players and looking for the ways, these are cheats who can make you stand out in the massive crowd? at TweetsGames.com

How can you use cheat codes in Fallout 4:

To enter the cheat codes or commands in Fallout 4 you need to open the screen of the developer console. Simply tap on a tilde, on your English Keyboard or grave key on the British keyboard.

Remember that while putting any of the given keys; it does not matter whether your caps lock key is on or off. You need to put the commands keys as it is, no need to put extra (), “, or #.

Fallout 4 Cheats and commands codes:

These are the cheat codes what you can use while playing one of the most prominent games of this era Fallout 4. This is one of the most loved games, and you can get the taste doubles by using these console commands.

General commands:

tgm – to get the God mode

tcl – to walk through the walls

tfc – This activates the free camera

tfc 1 – This activates the free camera as well but freezes all the animation on the screen.

Tm – Toggles menu and User Interface on and off option

csb – Reset the blood and other damage effect in the game.

tmm 1 – to show the marker on the map

unlock – Unlock the selected door or the terminal

fov [first-person FOV] [third-person FOV] – To finally change the FOV

set timescale to [number] – To speed up or slows down the time.

setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] – to increase the number of jumps

coc [cell id] – To teleports the player to an arena

coc qasmoke – This code will teleport you to a room full with the boxes

coc prewartvstudio – The funny Easter-egg.

getav CA_affinity – to view the targeted companions’ affinity to you.

modav CA_affinity [number]– Set the targeted companion’s affinity

help [text] – see the ID of the indicated object

player.additem [object id] [amount] – to add items to the inventory

player.showinventory or player. inv lists the inventory with the ID of the object

player.equipitem [object id] – Equip yourself with items from the inventory

sexchange – Change the gender of the character

setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] – Set minimum jump height

player.setav speedmult [number] – Set running speed with the multiplier

player.setav [variable] [amount] – Set the actor value with the given command

player.modav [variable] [amount] – Modify the actor value with the desired amount

player.forceav [variable] [amount] – set a value

advancepcskill [advskill] – Advance a point on specific skill branch.

setScale – Set the scale of the targeted object

getScale – Display the scale of the targeted object

unlock: Unlock the given object

lock [number] – Lock the object with given difficulty

activate: Activate the targeted object

zap: delete the given object

markfordelete: permanently delete an object

setopenstate [0 or 2] – set the activation state of the object

setownership: claim the ownership of the object

player.placeatme [object id]: Spawn item net to the player

[stack amount] [quality] – Required for some products or items

player.moveto [ref id] – Move the marked item within the same cell

set timescale to [scale] – Set the passing of the time

set gamehour to [time] – Set the game hour

fov [number] – Set field to view

getcurrenttime – Display the current time

getgs [string] – view game setting value

scof [filename] – Send console output

bat [filename]  – Execute list

cls – clear console text

Duplicate items:

This glitch makes you drop any item you want from the inventory. This also makes you get unlimited special points, unlimited max out and special skills like strength, perception, lives and much more, just by duplicating you are a special magazine. The magazine will be found from the hold house of the sanctuary, on the floor of Shaun’s room. This makes you get unlimited everything, infinite weapons, ammo, fusion cores, attributes points, junk stuff, money, unlimited lives and much more.

Do get this cheat working; just drop any item you want to duplicate from the inventory. Call your dog to pick that up and pick the increases at the exact same moment when she is getting to pick that. If you could do that correctly as we said, one copy of the items will sit in your inventory.

And if you see any problem in getting this done, first send the dogmeat away before sending him to pick any item.

Note: This glitch was a performance on an unpatched version of Fallout 4, avoid spoiling this in your game, either you do not install the new paths before installing.

Get infinite caps and items:

You should notice that this glitch only works after 1.02 patches. To get this glitch exploit, you need to talk with honest Dan to get the Human error ignited. Play through the quest, until you see Dr Chambers and reject the offer. Free the girl, and talk to honest Dan, just one time and then walk away from him. Remember, do not engage in the second shift of the dialogue option, this can end the quest by rendering the exploit wasted.

In this way one can get the 1800 caps per minutes, this can be quicker if you on go through the same in the lesser scale of time.

Get no hostile with any old ammo, and desired to buy all round of one type of ammo, just talk with him, do not confirm any trade yet. Sell back only one of the rounds you just purchase and again do not confirm the trade. Sell back all purchased items to the vendor until the vendor’s caps depleted.

Infinite XP:

Search the brotherhood of Steel, this need to be done after the game starts. Join the Cambridge police station or just go with the main story. Trigger the reveille and fire support quests, where you meet everyone else in the airship. Now, make sure to get a higher damage snipper rifle, now travel to prydwen and talk to the proctor Quinlan. You choose to assist on a patrol and he will give the learning curve quest option.

Now, go back to the deck of the airship, difficulty level should be very easy. And here you can shoot the brotherhood ally, which you were supposed to protect right from the airship. He should die with one to four headshots very easily. By killing the ally, the quest gets concluded by you get the reward of the quest. Make sure, you are hidden and shot by hidden yourself and remain hidden before taking a single step or the guards will take you down, as you have killed one of the key members of the crew.

Now, go back to quest or give of your XP, he will give you the exact same quest again, repeat the process as many times as you desire.

Infinite fusion cores:

Join the brotherhood of stell, which you can get after the game starts. Follow the main story, and enter into the brotherhood ‘quest until they make you a key member of the quest. Conclude their tour of duty quest, where you chance to meet everyone on the Airship, pickpocket a fusion core, do not get caught there. Make sure to execute this in a secluded area, once you pickpocket the fusion core from the knight, he will come out from the power suit, sniper their core and enter the power suite. Once they get inside the power suite, pickpocket again. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Infinite lock XP:

Get a safe near to pick in a nearby terminal, pick the safe hack the terminal and relock the safe. Pick the safe again, use the hacked terminal again and relock the safe again. Repeat the process as many time as you desired to earn lock XP each time/

Infinite on space:

To get the infinite inventory space, instead of trading with your companion, simply command them to pick that up for you. The companion will never know your trick, and never overburdened if your inventory is full and have no place to stock, just drop them off on the ground, and direct your companion again to pick them up.

This trick is entirely helpful when you find some loot and do not have heavy weapons to carry and store them up.

Infinite settlement:

During a settlement, drop your weapon on the ground, and go into workshop mode, tap on to store those weapons in your workbench. It will get the game think that you have more space and see your size actually drop, go back and repeat the same process.

Weapon locations:

These weapons can be purchased from vendors, get them after specific quests or looted them from certain enemies.

  1. 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

Bonus: Minor chance of flying targets

Location: Jmaical plain city hall reward

  1. Ashmaker

Bonus: Minor change of ignited targets in the game

Location: Side with Fahrenheit during “The Big Dig” quest

   3. Automatic Laser Musket

Bonus: Automatice fire unlimited

Location: Acquired during “The Nuclear Option” Minutemen quest

  1. AX90 Fury

Bonus: Increase the damage against super mutants

Location: Purchase from Teagan in the Prydwen.

  1. Big Boy

Bonus: Fire additionally projectile

Location: Purchase from Arturo at Diamond City.

  1. Big Jim

Bonus: Increase the chances of crippling targets legs by twenty percent.

Location: Found inside Walden Pond.

  1. Broadsider

Bonus: Unknown

Location: Successfully complete the “Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution” quest.

  1. Death From Above

Bonus: Increase ADS movement speed by 75 percent.

Location: Reach Paladin and buy it from Proctor Teagan.

    9. Deathclaw Gauntlet

Bonus: Unknown

Location: Successfully complete the “Devil’s Due” optional side-quest.

  1. Deliverer

Bonus: Limb damage

Location: Found during Detective Case Files: “Long Time Coming”.

  1. Experiment 18-A

Bonus: Increases the rate of fire by 15 percent reload speed

Location: Purchase from the Institute Requisitions in the Institute.

  1. Final Judgment

Bonus: Increase the rate of fire and reload speed by 25 percent and 15 percent.

Location:  Acquired from Elder Maxson during the “Airship Down” Institute quest or “Precipice Of War” Railroad quest.

  1. Furious Power Fist

Bonus: Increase the damage with the same fire and the same hit

Location: Remove the threat of Swan in Boston Common.

  1. General Chao’s Revenge

Bonus: Increase the damage against the robots by 50 percent or more

Location: Purchase from Trudy in the Drumlin Diner.

  1. Good Intentions

Bonus: Hit frenzy with critical hits

Location: Acquired from Clint Elevated Freeway Camp.

  1. Grognak’s Axe

Bonus: Increases the damage with the bleed

Location:  Inside a display case in Hubris Comics.

  1. Hallucinogen Gas Grenade

Bonus: Cause the target frenzy for sixty minutes

Location: Craft it using the material inside the basement laboratory of HalluciGen, Inc.

  1. Homing Beacon

Bonus: Zao’s submassive strike and bullets

Location: You will have to complete the Here there be monsters quiet to get this.

  1. Institute Beacon

Bonus: Spawn Synths at beacon’s location

Location: Complete the Airship down quest

  1. Junk Jet

Bonus: Unknown

Location: It is located in the Arc Jet system

  1. Justice:

Bonus: Cause the chances of staggers

Location: You need to purchase from the penny in the covenant

  1. Kellogg’s .44 Pistol

Bonus: Fill the AP with Hits

Location: It finds during the reunions

  1. Les Fusil Tribes

Bonus: Increase the damage climb by 25 percent

Location: successfully combat the Cabot house

  1. Old faithful

Bonus: Increase the damage to full HP targets by two percent

Location: It can be purchased from Arturo in the diamond city

  1. Partystarter

Bonus: Increase the damage against humans by fifty percent

Location: It is purchased from KL-E-O IN in the good neighbor quest

  1. Pickman’s blade

Bonus: INcrease the sneak damage in the bleed effects

Location: Side of the pickman.

  1. Prototype UP77

Bonus: Unlimited ammo code

Location: It is found in the master locked safely in the University Credit Union

  1. Railway rifle

Bonus: Unknown

Location: Complete the underground cover

  1. Reba II

Bonus: Increase the damage against mirelurks and bugs by fifty percent

Location: Purchase them from level four workshop merchant

  1. Righteous Authority

Bonus: Increase the damage by two percent in critical hits

Location: is the call to arms

   31. Rockville Slugger

Bonus: Decrease the less action point cost

Location: Purchase from the more in Diamond city area

  1. Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

Bonus: Increase the damage to full HP targets

Location: Purchase that from proctor Teagan

  1. Shem Drown’s sword

Bonus: Deal radiation damage

Location: Found during the detective case files

  1. Shikskebab

Bonus: Unknown

Location: Get them from the slag of blast furnace

  1. The gainer

Bonus: Increase the targets speed by 15 percent area of effect damage

Location: Successfully complete the vital pumphouse number puzzle

  1. The last minute

Bonus: Ignite targets for the number of speed in the effect damage area

Location: Get them from level 4 workshop merchant

  1. Thinker tom special

Bonus: Vats Accuracy boosted

Location: Klein them from tinker tom in railroad HQ

  1. Virgil’s rifle

Bonus: Increases the super mutants speed by 50 percent

Location: Murder virgil and loot it from him

  1. Wastelander’s Friend

Bonus: Increase the limb damage by fifty percent

Location: Purchase from the Deb at Bunker Hill

  1. Wazer Wifle

Bonus: Infinite ammo

Location: complete the shaun’s three quests successfully.

Bobblehead locations:

You need to search the indicated locations to get all 20 bobbleheads in the list. Gather all 20 bobbleheads to get all actions figure, and they are not dolls achievement.

Each of this stuff also offers you  perks or increases the special skills.

  1. Perception (+1 Perception)

Location: Museum of freedom location 0:05

  1. Repair (Fusion Cores last 10% longer)

Location: Assembly plant 1:13

  1. Science (+1 Extra Guess when hacking Terminals)

Location: Malden Middle School / Vault 75 (2:04)

Requirement: Loot Access Card from Gunner Commander inside this vault.

  1. Explosive (+15% Damage with Explosives)

Location: Saugus Ironworks (5:01)

  1. Sneak (You are 10% harder to detect)

Location: Dunwich Borers (6:19)

  1. Barter (Prices are 5% better)

Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery (8:25)

  1. Intelligence (+1 Intelligence)

Location: Boston Public Library (9:14)

  1. Melee (+25% Critical Damage with melee weapons)

Location: Trinity Towers (10:38)

  1. Strength (+1 Strength)

Location: Mass Fusion Building (12:22)

  1. Lock Picking (Lockpicking is permanently easier)

Location: Pickman Gallery (13:48)

  1. Speech (Vendors have 100 more Caps for bartering)

Location: Park Street Station/Vault 114 (15:55)

Requirement: During or after “Unlikely Valentine” main story quest. This quest starts in Diamond City.

  1. Energy Weapons (+25% Critical Damage with energy weapons)

Location: Fort Hagen (18:24)

  1. Unarmed (+25% Critical Damage with unarmed attacks)

Location: Atom Cats Garage (20:39)

  1. Endurance (+1 Endurance)

Location: Poseidon Energy (21:11). If you have master lockpicking, enter through the roof. If not, enter through the drainpipe by the water.

  1. Agility (+1 Agility)

Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star (22:37)

  1. Luck (+1 Luck)

Location: Spectacle Island (23:40)

  1. Small Guns (+25% Critical Damage with ballistic guns)

Location: Gunners Plaza (24:19)

Requirement: Loot Recording Room key from Ryder inside this place.

  1. Big Guns (+25% Critical Damage with heavy weapons)

Location: Vault 95 (25:35). High-level area; set difficulty to Very Easy and run past the enemies.

  1. Medicine (Stimpaks heal 10% more damage)

Location: Secret Vault 81 (26:41)

  1. Charisma (+1 Charisma)

Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum (33:08)


When you get a companion with whom you are comfortable well enough, you will earn a bonus in the perk. You need to know that dog meat’s perks have already been unlocking in Christmas tree, and to increase the relationship level, travel with a companion more than you want and do not do any action like that. Send them away before you get into actions which are objectionable. However, they can have closes eyes on you through windows and walls.

Once you get to reach the relationship max level, you need to have a final dialogue option, before getting the special perks:

  • Codsworth

Location: Sanctuary

Positive action: Donating items, healing Dogmeat, modifying armor and weapons.

Cambridge action: Speech success, lockpicking and stealing, pickpocketing, killing non-hostile NPCs, Chem usage and addiction

Perks: Robot Sympathy, increase the damage resistence against all robot weapons

  • Deacon

Location: Old orth church

Positive actions: Donating items, hacking computers, healing dogmeat, picking locks, pick lock owned and speech success

Negative actions: Killing non-hostile NPCs, eating dead people, chem usage and addiction

Perks: Cloak dagger, increase stealth damage by 20 percent.

  • Dogmeat

Location: Red rocket truck shop

  • Nick Valentine

Location: Ault 114 (Park Street Station). Successfully complete his “Long Time Coming” side-quest.

Positive action: Hacking a computer, donating items, healing dogmeat

Negative reveille: Stealing, pickpocketing, pick lock owned, killing nonhostile, eating dead bodies

Perks: Close to metal

  • Strong:

Location: Trinity tower

Positive action: Eating dead, killing non-hostile

Negative action: Speech success, pick the lock, pick owned lock, healing document

Perks: Increase damage by 20 percent damage when you drop below 25 HP.

  • X6-88

Location: The Institute

Positive action: Entering power Armor, Hacking computer, modifying weapons and Armor

Negative: Walking around naked, healing dogmeat, entering vertibird, donating items

Perks: Shield harmonics

Legendary weapon effect:

The following legendary weapon effects are extra bonuses which can be obtained by defeating certain legendary enemies:

Assassin’s: It increase the damage against humans by 50 percent

Automatic: Automatic fire mode obtained

Berserker’s: Increase the damage depending your damage power

Bloodied: Increase the damage depending upon the health

Cavalier’s: Take lesser damage while blocking or sprinting

Crippling: Increase the limb damage by 50 percent.

Enraging: The targets frenzy with critical hits.

Explosive: Your bullets to explode on impact dealing 15 area of effect damage.

Exterminator’s: Increase the damage ratio by 50 percent in Mirelurks and bugs.

Freezing:  Increase the Cyro damage by ten percent and freeze targets with critical hits.

Furious: Increase the damage with consistent hit on the target.

Ghoul Slayer’s: Increase the damage by 50 percent on ghouls.

Hunter’s: Increase the damage by 50 percent against animals.

Incendiary: Set the hits on fire by 15 percent damage ratio.

Instigating: Double the damage to the full health targets.

Irradiated: Increase the damage ration by 50 percent

Junkie’s: Increase the damage by 50 percent with withdrawal effect.

Kneecapper: Increase the cripple’s effect on the target by 20 percent.

Lucky Weapon: It increases the damage by double with critical meters refilling 15% faster.

Medic’s: Increase the heals by 50 percent.

Mutant Slayer’s: Increase the damage against Super mutant by 50 percent.

Never Ending: Get unlimited ammo capacity

Nimble: Increase the speed by 75 percent in ADS

Nocturnal: It increases the damage in night and decrease in the daylight.

Penetrating: Decrease the resistance power of the target by 30 percent.

Plasma Infused: Turn enemies into goo and add +10 points of energy damage.

Powerful: Increase 25 percent extra damage

Quickdraw: Decrease action points.

Rapid: Increase the rate of fire by 25 percent and 15 percent increased reload speed.

Relentless: Refill Action Points with critical hits.

Sentinel’s: 15% decreased damage while static.

Staggering: Stagger enemies with each hit.

Stalker’s: When not in combat, increases VATS accuracy at the cost of increased Action Points.

Troubleshooters: Deal 50% increased damage against robots.

Two Shot: Shoot additional projectiles.

VATS Enhanced: Increases VATS hit chances, decreases Action Points cost by 25% and 40%.

Violent: Deal 25% damage and limb damage with increased recoil.

Wounding: Bleed the target for 25 percent more.

Chem effects in Fallout 4:

Addictol: It can cure all your addictions

Berry Mentats: This will highlight all living targets in the console

against: It can slow the times by 15 seconds. Strength increase by two times,  Endurance three times, Max HP +65, Max AP +35

Buffout: Strength Increase two times,  Endurance increase by two times, Max HP +50

Bufftats: Strength Increase by three times, Endurance Increase by three times, Max HP +65, Perception +3

Calmex: 2x sneak attack multiplier, Perception Increase by three times, Agility increase by three times

Curie’s Healthpak: HP +35, Rads -300

Daddy-O: Intelligence Increase by three times, Perception Increase by three times, Charisma decrease by two times.

Day Tripper Luck: +3, Charisma three times, Strength decrease by two times

Fury: Increase melee damage by 50 percent.

Glowing Blood Pack: HP Increase by 40 percent, Rad Resist increase by 75 percent.

Grape Mentats: Buy for ten percent lower, sell for ten percent higher; Charisma Increase by 5 percent.

Irradiated Blood: HP Increase by 50 times, Rad’s increase by 20 times.

Jet: It cans low times by 20 seconds

Jet Fuel: It can increase the AP recovery rate.

Med-X: Damage Resist Increases by 25 times

Mentats: Intelligence Increase by two times, Perception increase by two times

Mysterious Serum: Damage Resist Increase by 50 times, Rads Increase by 3600 times

Orange Mentats: Increase ten percent V.A.T.S. accuracy

Overdrive: nonhostile the 25 percent Critical Chance, Damage increase by 25 percent

Psycho: Damage increase by 25 percent, Damage Resist increase by 25 percent.

Psychobuff: Damage by 25 percent, Strength increase by three times, Endurance increases by three times, Max HP increase by 65 times.

Psycho Jet: Slows time for 15 seconds, Damage Increase by 25 percent, Damage Resist increase by 35 times, Max AP increase by 35 times.

Psychotats: Damage increase by 25 percent, Damage Resist increase by 25 times, Perception increase by three times.

RadAway: customize decrease by 300 times.

Rad-X: Rad Resist increase by ten times.

Refreshing Beverage: Cures all addictions, HP +500, Rads -1000

Skeeto Spit: Max HP +25

Stimpak: HP increase by 30 times.

Ultra-Jet: Slows time for 15 seconds, Max AP increase by 100 times.

Vault 81 Cure: HP increase by 50 times.

X-111 Compound: Rads -600

X-Cell: Strength +2, Perception increase two times, Endurance increase by two times, Charisma increase by two times, Intelligence increase by two times, Agility increase by two times, Luck increase by two times


You can unlock the settlement workshop to gain the control or it and have an influence on it. You need to successfully complete the indicated task and list the settlements.

Abernathy Farm: “Returning The Favor” can be completed

Boston Airport: Complet the given “Shadow Of Steel” quest.

Bunker Hill: Complete the “The Battle Of Bunker Hill” quest.

Castle: Hostiles area would be cleared

Coastal Cottage: Clear the area of all hostiles

County Crossing: Complete the radiant quest

Covenant: Complete the human error quest or defeat the current residents.

Croup Manor: Clear all areas of hostile

Egret Tours Marina: Defeat the pylis daily

Finch Farm: Complete this quest successfully “Out Of The Fire” quest.

Graygarden: complete the following “Troubled Waters” quest.

Greentop Nursery: Complete the radiant quest

Hangman’s Alley: Clear the area of hostiles.

Jamaica Plain: Clear the area of hostiles.

Kingsport Lighthouse: Clear the area of hostiles.

Murkwater Construction Site: Clear the area of hostiles.

Nordhagen Beach: Complete the given radiant quest

Oberland Station: Complete the offered radiant quest successfully.

Outpost Zimonja: Clear the area of hostiles.

Red Rocket Truck Stop: Unknown.

Sanctuary Hills: Unknown.

The Slog: Successfully complete the offered radiant quest.

Somerville Place: Successfully complete the offered radiant quest.

Spectacle Island: Clear the area of hostiles.

Starlight Drive-in: Clear the area of hostiles.

Sunshine Tidings Co-op: Clear the area of hostiles.

Taffington Boathouse: Clear the area of hostiles.

Tenpines Bluff: Successfully complete the offered radiant quest.

Warwick Homestead: Successfully complete the offered radiant quest.


The issue of the following magazines can be solved and collected to gain the indicated bonus.

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!: Increase the damage by 5 percent to the selected number of enemies or make it easier to heal radiation damage.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales: Typically add 5% to damage against a selection of enemies or make it easier to heal radiation damage.

Grognak the Barbarian: It deals with the damage occurred owing to melee attack.

Guns and Bullets: Increase the damage by 5 percent to the critical magazines

Hot Rodder: You can customize the power armor with Shark Paint, Hot Pink, and Hot Rod Flames paint jobs.

La Coiffe: By putting this code you can unlock the Hornet’s Nest and The Megaton hairstyles.

Live & Love: Give perks to the influential companies

Massachusetts Surgical Journal: It increases the limb damage to two percent or slightly more.

Picket Fences: Unknown.

RobCo FUN: You can get the holo top games

Taboo Tattoos: You can have five different tattoos.

Tales of A Junktown Jerky Vendor: You can improve the prices when having a deal with the vendors.

Tesla Science: Add five percent to the energy weapons.

Total Hack: You can use this cheat code to hack through Protectrons, spotlights, and turrets.

Tumblers Today: You can get the bonus on lockpicking

U.S. Covert Operations Manual: Get an improved sneaking.

Deals: This will increase the ratio of your damage increases by one percent.

Wasteland Survival Guide: Get the extra meat


You can find the occurred at the given locations.

Blake Abernathy and Connie Abernathy: Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth, Abernathy Farm

Bluejay and Rowdy: Quincy and Southern Commonwealth; Atom Cats Garage

Deb, Joe Savoldi, Kay, Tony Savoldi: Neighborhood; Charlestown, Bunker Hill

John: Neighborhood, the Fens, Cathy & John’s Super Salon – Diamond City

Solomon: Neighborhood; the Fens, Chem-I-Care – Diamond City

Polly: Neighborhood; the Fens, Choice Chops – Diamond City

Henry Cooke: Neighborhood; the Fens, Colonial Taphouse – Diamond City

Arturo Rodriguez: Neighborhood; the Fens, Commonwealth Weaponry – Diamond City

Doctor Patricia, Deezer, Penny Fitzgerald, Talia McGovern: North Central Commonwealth, Covenant

Myrna: Neighborhood; the Fens, Diamond City Surplus – Diamond City

Doctor Sun: Neighborhood; the Fens, Doc Crocker’s House – Diamond City

Trudy: Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth, Drumlin Diner

Vadim Bobrov and Yefim Bobrov: Neighborhood; the Fens, Dugout Inn – Diamond City

Becky Fallon: Neighborhood; the Fens, Fallon’s Basement – Diamond City

Finch: North Central Commonwealth, Finch Farm

Bean, Crisp, Danny, Reg, Sprocket, Waitron: North Central Commonwealth, Atomics Galleria

KL-E-0, Daisy, Whitechapel Charlie, Rufus Rubins, Clair Hutchins, Fred Allen: Neighborhood; Financial District, Goodneighbor

Robots: Western Commonwealth, Gray garden

Kawolski: Neighborhood; the Fens, Klean Watur – Sheng Kawolski’s House – Diamond City

Theodore Collins and Rylee: Coastal Commonwealth, Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

Takahashi: Neighborhood; the Fens, Power Noodles – Diamond City

Tinker Tom and Doctor Carrington: Neighborhood; North End, Old North Church

Knight-Captain Cade and Proctor Teagan: Coastal Commonwealth, Prydwen

Trader: North Central Commonwealth, Rotten Landfill

Scrap Merchant: Ramp overlooking the forest.

Leonard Moore: Coastal Commonwealth, Shanty Store

Trader: Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth, Small Trading Shack

Moe Cronin: Neighborhood; the Fens, Swatters – Diamond City

Ronnie Shaw: Neighborhood; South Boston, the Castle

Synth Food Vendor and Institute Requisition Vendor: Neighborhood; Cambridge, the Institute

Deidre: North Central Commonwealth, the Slog

June Warwick: Quincy and Southern Commonwealth, Warwick Homestead

Alexis Combes, Maria Summerset, Horatio, Dr. Penske: Western Commonwealth, Vault 81

Random Trader: Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth, Trader’s Shack – West of Ranger Cabin

Eleanor: Quincy and Southern Commonwealth, the Trading Post

Ammunition codes:

These are ammunition codes of Fallout 4, what you can use to achieve different ammunitions such as round, Caliber, fusion cell, flamer fuel, Aliens blaster rounds and much more.

.38 Round – 0004CE87

.44 Round – 0009221C

.45 Round – 0001F66A

.50 Caliber – 0001F279

308 Round – 0001F66B

5.56 Round – 0001F278

5mm Round – 0001F66C

10mm Round – 0001F276

Shotgun Shell – 0001F673

Railway Spike – 000FE269

2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge – 0018ABDF

Plasma Cartridge – 0001DBB7

Cryo-Cell – 0018ABE2

Fusion Cell – 000C1897

Fusion Cell – 00245D69

Flamer Fuel – 000CAC78

Alien Blaster Round – 001025AA

Gamma Round – 000DF279

Cannonball – 000FD11C

Missile – 000CABA3

Mini Nuke – 000E6B2E

Armor / clothing codes of Fallout 4:

Power Armor Fusion Core – 00075fe4

Agatha’s Dress – 000F15CF

Airship Captain’s Hat – 0013AEF5

Army Fatigues – 00023431

Army Helmet – 00023432

Assault Gas Mask – 0007239E

Athletic Outfit – 000AF0E4

Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans – 0014BF53

Baseball Cap – 00144F04

Baseball Uniform – 00144F03

Bathrobe – 0014A349

Battered Fedora – 000E5086

Beaded Blazer – 0004D6AE

Black Institute Lab Coat – 001B350D

Black Vest and Slacks – 000FC100

Black-Rim Glasses – 00125891

Blue Bandana – 0017E917

Blue Batting Helmet – 000F6D8C

Blue Institute Division Head Coat – 001B34FA

Blue Institute Lab Coat – 001A5CFD

Bomber Jacket – 000E1AF6

BOS Hood – 000E1A39

BOS Officer Uniform – 00134294

BOS Uniform – 000DEDEB

Bowler Hat – 000FC104

Brotherhood Fatigues – 00169523

Brotherhood of Steel Uniform – 00148B86

Brown Flight Helmet – 000D4166

Cabot’s Lab Coat – 001E8CAB

Cage Armor – 000B2D8E

Cait’s Bandolier – 001921D8

Captain Ironsides’ Hat – 000F6D85

Casual Outfit – 001410EC

Casual Outfit – 00174D2F

Chain Dog Collar – 0018B210

Checkered Shirt and Slacks – 0013D65E

Chef Hat – 000F6D88

Child of Atom Long Rags – 000E6F18

Child Uniform – 0016BFFE

Clean Black Suit – 001BDDF8

Clean Blue Suit – 001BDDF9

Clean Grey Suit – 001BDDFA

Clean Striped Suit – 001BDDFB

Clean Tan Suit – 00151E34

Cleanroom Suit – 00115AEC

Coast Guard Hat – 000F6D87

Colonial Duster – 0001F17B

Combat Armor Chest Piece – 0011D3C3

Combat Armor Helmet – 0011E2C8

Combat Armor Left Arm – 0011D3C7

Combat Armor Left Leg – 0011D3C5

Combat Armor Right Arm – 0011D3C6

Combat Armor Right Leg – 0011D3C4

Corset – 001921D6

Courser Uniform – 0012A332

Covenant Security Armor – 00156C0D

Covert Sweater Vest – 0009AC97

Crumpled Fedora – 000A28D8

Damaged Hazmat Suit – 0018B214

DB Tech Varsity Uniform – 001641F8

DC Guard Heavy Helmet – 000AF0F7

DC Guard Helm – 000AF0F6

DC Guard Left Arm Armor – 000AF0F1

DC Guard Left Forearm – 000AF0EB

DC Guard Left Shoulder – 000AF0EA

DC Guard Right Arm Armor – 000AF0F2

DC Guard Right Forearm – 000AF0EC

DC Guard Right Shoulder – 000AF0ED

DC Guard Umpire’s Pads – 000AF0EE

Dirty Army Fatigues – 0019CBB3

Dirty Army Helmet – 0019CBB1

Dirty Black Institute Lab Coat – 001B350C

Dirty Black Suit – 001BDE04

Dirty Blue Institute Division Head Coat – 001B3502

Dirty Blue Institute Lab Coat – 001ACD0C

Dirty Blue Suit – 001BDE05

Dirty Fedora – 001223CD

Dirty Green Institute Division Head Coat – 001B3504

Dirty Green Institute Lab Coat – 001ACD0A

Dirty Grey Suit – 001BDE06

Dirty Institute Division Head Coat – 001ACD06

Dirty Institute Jumper – 001AB214

Dirty Institute Lab Coat – 001ACD08

Dirty Orange Institute Division Head Coat – 001B3506

Dirty Postman Uniform – 00146177

Dirty Striped Suit – 001BDE07

Dirty Tan Suit – 00151E30

Dirty Trench Coat – 001223CB

Dirty Yellow Institute Division Head Coat – 001B3508

Dirty Yellow Institute Lab Coat – 001B350B

Dog Armor – 001C32C8

Dog Collar – 00034602

Drifter Outfit – 000B2D8D

Engineer’s Armor – 000DEDE7

Explorer Outfit – 000732AC

Eyeglasses – 001C4BE8

Faded Trench Coat – 000E2E2C

Faded Trench Coat – 0010C3CA

Faded Visor – 0012571C

Farmhand Clothes – 000E5084

Fashionable Glasses – 000FD9AA

Father’s Lab Coat – 0014FBD0

Fatigues – 001153D9

Feathered Dress – 001B5F1B

Field Scribe’s Armor – 000E370E

Field Scribe’s Hat – 000E3710

Flannel Shirt and Jeans – 00117EB9

Flannel Shirt and Jeans – 001346B7

Flight Helmet – 000E1AF8

Flowery Dress – 00156D02

Formal Hat – 000FC396

Gas Mask – 000787D8

Gas Mask with Goggles – 001184C1

Grandpa Savoldi’s Hat – 00122246

Gray Knit Cap – 000F6D84

Greaser Jacket and Jeans – 0014BF50

Green Hood – 000787EC

Green Institute Division Head Coat – 001B34FC

Green Institute Lab Coat – 001A5CFB

Green Rag Hat – 000B3F4D

Green Shirt and Combat Boots – 001942D6

Grognak Costume – 001828CC

Gunner’s Camo Bandana – 0017E922

Gunner’s Green Bandana – 0017E923

Hard Hat – 000F6D86

Harness – 0008158D

Hazmat Suit – 000CEAC4

Heavy Dog Armor – 001C32C7

Helmeted Cage Armor – 000B2D8F

Helmeted Spike Armor – 000DDB81

Hooded Cleanroom Suit – 00115AEB

Hooded Rags – 000B3F4E

Institute Division Head Coat – 001236AD

Institute Jumper – 0011E7B8

Institute Lab Coat – 0011E7B9

Jangles Bandana – 0017E91C

Kellogg’s Outfit – 001153DB

Kid’s Baseball Cap – 00167A74

Kid’s Dress – 001561D8

Kid’s Pajamas – 0015DBA6

Kid’s Shirt and Jeans – 00167A75

Lab Coat – 00178B68

Laundered Blue Dress – 0014D08F

Laundered Green Dress – 000EECF5

Laundered loungewear – 0004A51F

Laundered loungewear – 000E6288

Leather Chest Piece – 0007B9C6

Leather Coat – 000732B5

Leather Left Arm – 0007B9C7

Leather Left Leg – 0007B9C4

Leather Right Arm – 0007B9C3

Leather Right Leg – 0007B9C5

Leopard Print Bandana – 0017E91B

Letterman’s Jacket and Jeans – 001574C7

Liam’s Glasses – 001B5B26

Light Dog Armor – 001B5ACC

Long Johns – 00019568

Longshoreman Outfit – 001536F4

Lorenzo’s Crown – 001467F5

Lorenzo’s Suit – 00169BBA

MacCready’s Duster – 000D415A

Mascot Head – 0011E46D

Maxson’s battlecoat – 001FE1A6

Mechanic Jumpsuit – 0005E76C

Mechanic Jumpsuit – 001C26B9

Medical Goggles – 000E4501

Metal Chest Piece – 000536C4

Metal Helmet – 000787D3

Metal Left Arm – 0004B933

Metal Left Leg – 000536C2

Metal Right Arm – 000536C1

Metal Right Leg – 000536C3

Military Cap – 0016892E

Military Fatigues – 0016892C

Militia Hat – 000E517D

Mining Helmet – 001240F1

Minuteman Hat – 000316D4

Minuteman Outfit – 000E517B

Minutemen General’s Hat – 001C2216

Minutemen General’s Uniform – 001C2214

Nat’s Dress – 001833C0

Newsboy Cap – 000A740E

Nucleostrictive Torso Armor – 001C0382

Orange Institute Division Head Coat – 001B34FD

Padded Blue Jacket – 000A740B

Pastor’s Vestments – 001467A4

Patched Suit – 000A28D7

Patched Three-Piece Suit – 000A36BE

Patrolman Sunglasses – 001738AA

Pompador Wig – 0004A521

Pompadour Wig – 00165602

Postman Uniform – 00146174

Press Cap – 000A81AF

Quinlan’s Armor – 00136335

Radstag Hide Outfit – 00034595

Raider Chest Piece – 0018E415

Raider Leathers – 0018E3F7

Raider Left Arm – 0018E411

Raider Left Leg – 0018E40F

Raider Power Armor Chest Piece – 00140C57

Raider Power Armor Helm – 00140C54

Raider Power Armor Left Arm – 00140C52

Raider Power Armor Left Leg – 00140C55

Raider Power Armor Right Arm – 00140C53

Raider Power Armor Right Leg – 00140C56

Raider Right Arm – 0018E413

Raider Right Leg – 0018E40D

Railroad Armored Coat – 0013BCD1

Railroad Armored Coat Mk I – 001BBCB5

Railroad Armored Coat Mk II – 001BBCB6

Railroad Armored Coat Mk III – 001BBCB7

Railroad Armored Coat Mk IV – 001BBCB8

Railroad Armored Coat Mk V – 001BBCB9

Ratty Skirt – 001B828C

Red Bandana – 0009C05B

Red Dress – 000FD9A8

Red Flight Helmet – 0004322C

Red Frock Coat – 00116806

Red Leather Trench Coat – 0009F252

Reginald’s Suit – 000F15D0

Rex’s Suit – 000F15D2

Road Goggles – 000A81B0

Road Leathers – 0004A53B

Road Leathers – 000AF0E2

Road Leathers – 000BB16F

Sack Hood – 0018E417

Sack Hood with Hoses – 0018E419

Sack Hood with Straps – 0018E41B

Scavenger Outfit – 000732AE

Science Scribe’s Armor – 000E44FF

Sea Captain’s Hat – 000F6D89

Security Helmet – 00156C0B

Sequin Dress – 0011A27B

Silver Shroud Costume – 0002F525

Silver Shroud Costume – 000DED27

Silver Shroud Costume – 000DED28

Silver Shroud Costume – 000DED29

Silver Shroud Costume – 000E1A25

Silver Shroud Costume – 0014E58B

Silver Shroud Hat – 0014E58E

Skull Bandana – 0017E91D

Spike Armor – 000DDB80

Squire’s Uniform – 0003FB9F

Stars and Stripes Bandana – 0017E925

Street Urchin Rags – 00167A76

Striped Bandana – 0017E924

Submariner Hat – 00118865

Submariner Uniform – 00118864

Summer Shorts – 0014941A

Sunglasses – 0004A520

Sunglasses – 000E628A

Surgical Mask – 000787DA

Surveyor Outfit – 000B3F4C

Suspenders and Slacks – 000FC102

Sweater Vest and Slacks – 000DFFC5

Synth Chest Piece – 000187974

Synth Field Helmet – 0018796A

Synth Helmet – 000187976

Synth Left Arm – 0018796C

Synth Left Leg – 000187972

Synth Right Arm – 0018796E

Synth Right Leg – 000187970

Synth Uniform – 0012B91D

Synth Uniform – 0018AC6E

T-45 Chest Piece – 00154AC2

T-45 Helm – 00154ABF

T-45 Left Arm – 00154ABD

T-45 Left Leg – 00154AC0

T-45 Right Arm – 00154ABE

T-45 Right Leg – 00154AC1

T-51 Chest Piece – 00140C51

T-51 Helm – 00140C4E

T-51 Left Arm – 00140C4C

T-51 Left Leg – 00140C4F

T-51 Right Arm – 00140C4D

T-51 Right Leg – 00140C50

T-60 Chest Piece – 00140C42

T-60 Helm – 00140C4A

T-60 Left Arm – 00140C3D

T-60 Left Leg – 00140C49

T-60 Right Arm – 00140C45

T-60 Right Leg – 00140C3F

Tattered Field Jacket – 000732B1

Tattered Rags – 0011609B

Teagan’s Armor – 00136166

Tinker Headgear – 001832F5

Traveling Leather Coat – 000732B9

Tricorn Hat – 00116808

Triggerman Bowler – 001BA8DA

Trilby Hat – 000A36C0

T-Shirt and Slacks – 0014B019

Tuxedo – 000FC395

Undershirt & Jeans – 000FFC21

Ushanka Hat – 000F6D83

Utility Coveralls – 00039A66

Vault 101 Jumpsuit – 000976B3

Vault 111 Jumpsuit – 0001EED7

Vault 111 Jumpsuit – 00050781

Vault 111 Jumpsuit New – 000976B7

Vault 114 Jumpsuit – 000976B5

Vault 81 Jumpsuit – 001103A4

Vault 81 Security Armor – 00154F10

Vault-Tec Lab Coat – 00068CF3

Vault-Tec Security Armor – 000821B4

Vault-Tec Security Helmet – 000821B6

Wedding Ring – 0007C70C

Wedding Ring – 0008925C

Welding Goggles – 000787D9

Welding Helmet – 000DEDE9

Winter Jacket and Jeans – 00117EB7

Worn Fedora – 000E2E2E

Worn Fedora – 0010C3CC

Wraparound Goggles – 000536C5

Wrapped Cap – 000787DB

X-01 Helm – 00154AC5

X-01 Left Arm – 00154AC3

X-01 Left Leg – 00154AC6

X-01 Right Arm – 00154AC4

X-01 Right Leg – 00154AC7

X-01 Torso – 00154AC8

Yellow Fedora – 000DF457

Yellow Flight Helmet – 00042565

Yellow Institute Division Head Coat – 001B34FE

Yellow Institute Lab Coat – 001B350A

Yellow Trench Coat – 000DF455

Zeke’s Jacket and Jeans – 0014A0DC

Vanity / Junk items codes of fallout 4:

Economy Wonderglue – 0006C5AE

Bowling Ball – 000DF265

Championship Bowling Ball – 0014DD34

Deathclaw Hide – 00034604

Gilded Grasshopper – 00147D5E

Bag of Cement – 00098148

Military-Grade Circuit Board – 00154AD2

Teapot – 00192697

Brahmin Skull – 00059B0C

Spine – 000347ED

Rib Cage and Spine – 000347E6

Rib Cage – 00188C98

Blood Sac – 00028A63

Cigarette Carton 0005821C

Undamaged Cigarettes 000E376E

Rum Bottle 0014A138

Wine Bottle 000DEDED

Whiskey Bottle 000DEDE1

Vodka Bottle 000DEDE0

Bourbon Bottle 000DEDDF

Whiskey 000DF032

Vodka 000DF031

Bourbon 000DEDD9

Amontillado Bottle 001BEAEE

Pre-War Lamp 00078309

Jawless Brahmin Skull 00188B3E

Wonderglue 00059B25

Sealed Wonderglue 000E3784

Shovel 000822CB

Hoe 000AF88F

Kitchen Scale 000AF8EF

MiniNuke Stabilizer Fins 0017A774

Mr. Handy Fuel 000B91FF

Saw 00173F02

Gas Canister 00059B33

Stew Pot 00059A7A

Kickball 000822D3

Basketball 000DF264

Deflated Kickball 0002D9AC

Unfilled Kickball 0002D9AB

Life Preserver 00141DF2

Bread Box 00046A86

Sealed Boston Bugle 00140D84

Cutting Fluid 000657FB

Cooking Oil 00061FA7

Baseball Glove 00059A77

Signed Catcher’s Mitt 0004BAEA

Undamaged Baseball Glove 000E3766

Youth League Glove 0014DD1A

Makeshift Battery 001AAD69

Glass Pitcher 00059AD1

Giddyup Buttercup 00163A12

Typewriter 00059B20

Carlisle Typewriter 001C88E7

High-Powered Magnet 001AB88D

Jangles the Moon Monkey 00147B03

Comfy Pillow 00060EC8

Silver Shroud Costume 0003450A

Vase 000B1647

Large Plate 000488DC

Large Serving Plate 000488DB

Large Dinner Plate 000488DA

Skull 000347E1

Rib Cage and Pelvis 000347E7

Left Arm Bones 000347E9

Right Arm Bones 000347E8

Left Leg Bones 000347E5

Right Leg Bones 000347E4

Pelvis Bones 00188C9D

Duct Tape 0004D1F2

Pack of Duct Tape 001C7F1F

Trifold American Flag 00059B2E

Undamaged American Flag 000FCE31

Anchorage Veteran’s Flag 0014DD36

Mop 00059AEE

Mass Fusion Executive ID 0014FD7D

Airport Employee ID Card 00082C07

Vault 75 Admin Access Card 001A58A6

Vault 75 Lab Access Card 001A58A2

Jamaica Plain Mayor’s ID 0005E54A

Jamaica Plain Janitor’s ID 0014DE03

Blast Radius Board Game 0006B165

Yardstick 00059B3E

Chessboard 00059AB4

Test Tube Rack 000EAFBE

Broom 0005238F

Rack 00059AFF

Cutting Board 00059ABC

Wooden Spoon 000FFE09

Clean Broom 000E376A

Giddyup Buttercup Body 00163A16

Giddyup Buttercup Head 00163A13

Restored Desk Fan 000F15BF

Toy Truck 0015E8F6

New Toy Truck 0015E8F7

Yellow Paint 0001D95B

Oil Canister 001AB5ED

Turpentine 00059B1E

Screwdriver 0004D1F4

Hack Saw 00173F01

Tongs 001A0B15

Blowtorch 0011DA0F

Fumigus Blowtorch 001C7F2B

MiniNuke Beryllium Cap 0017A778

Bunsen Burner 000EC8B8

Wrench 0004D1F7

Combination Wrench 0004D1F6

Ladle 00059B11

Metal Bucket 00059A80

Cooking Pan 00059AEC

Enamel Bucket 0006D140

Empty Paint Can 00059B3A

Connecting Rod 000E1FF7

Tube Flange 000E1FF6

Unused Enamel Bucket 000E3776

Untarnished Metal Bucket 000E377E

Covered Sauce Pan 0003D3A8

Sauce Pan 0003D3A6

Frying Pan 0003D3A5

Tea Kettle 00020199

Clean Tea Kettle 00020196

Toaster 00059B1A

Toaster 00059B19

Clean Umbrella 000BA2FD

Umbrella 000BA2F8

Giddyup Buttercup Back Leg 00163A15

Silver Locket 00059B34

Silver Bowl 00060EDB

Annika’s Locket 00101048

Antique Silver Locket 0014DE00

Locket 00199043

Plunger 00059AFB

Thermal Coupler 00022265

Bloatfly Gland 0002C59E

Stingwing Barb 000628EF

League Bowling Pin 000DF267

Bowling Pin 000DF266

Championship Bowling Pin 0014DD32

Baseball Base 00059A78

Home Plate 0001A4BA

Toy Alien 00059B2B

Feather Duster 00196AB9

Hairbrush 00060ECC

Baby Rattle 00059A75

Plastic Bowl 00060ED9

Plastic Plate 00059AFA

Cafeteria Tray 00059A82

Dog Bowl 00059A7E

Plastic Pumpkin 000A8AB1

Cat Bowl 00101CB9

Clean Dog Bowl 000E3772

Cue Ball 00059AFC

One Ball 0018E4DA

Two Ball 00059AFD

Three Ball 0018E4DC

Four Ball 0018E4D5

Five Ball 0018E4DE

Six Ball 0018E4E0

Seven Ball 0018E4E2

Eight Ball 00059AFE

Nine Ball 0018E4E5

Ten Ball 0018E4E7

Eleven Ball 0018E4E9

Twelve Ball 0018E4EB

Thirteen Ball 0018E4ED

Fourteen Ball 0018E4EF

Fifteen Ball 0018E4F1

Pack of Cigarettes 0005821A

Preserved Cigarette Pack 000E3770

Overdue Book 000FE257

Boston Bugle 0001A4B9

Late Edition Newspaper 000FCDC8

Rolled Boston Bugle 000286F5

Delivered Boston Bugle 0014DD94

Folded Boston Bugle 0014DD4A

Blue Paint 0001D95A

Paint Can 00059B3B

Used Oil Can 0004B273

Aluminum Oil Can 000FCE33

Oil Can 001C7F23

MiniNuke Detonator Shell 0017A776

Medical Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser 00060EA2

Dampening Coil 00022266

Lantern 00096A21

Small Baby Bottle 001A89A0

Large Baby Bottle 001A899B

Baby Bottle 0009B4BA

Magnifying Glass 0011DA13

Nuka Cola Bottle 0004835A

Beer Bottle 000211DD

Empty Milk Bottle 0003B55B

Cracked Glass Bowl 00023C38

Glass Bowl 00023C36

Gwinnett Brew Bottle 0011EA9B

Liquor Bottle 000DF221

Pint Glass 0011EB44

Gwinnett Pilsner Bottle 0011EAA0

Gwinnett Ale Bottle 0011EA9E

Gwinnett Pale Ale Bottle 0011EA9D

Gwinnett Lager Bottle 0011EA9C

White Bottle 000DF223

Gwinnett Stout Bottle 0011EA9F

Burgundy Bottle 000DF24D

Brown Bottle 000DF222

Glass Rounded Vase 000488CC

Glass Bud Vase 000488BC

Glass Vaulted Vase 000488BA

Glass Flared Vase 000488B9

Glass Barrel Vase 000488B8

Glass Barrel Teal Vase 0005E1B6

Glass Bud Teal Vase 0005E1B5

Glass Vaulted Teal Vase 0005E1B4

Glass Flared Teal Vase 0005E1B3

Glass Rounded Teal Vase 0005E1B2

Glass Barrel Red Vase 0005E1B1

Glass Bud Red Vase 0005E1B0

Glass Vaulted Red Vase 0005E1AF

Glass Flared Red Vase 0005E1AE

Glass Rounded Red Vase 0005E1AD

Camera 00059A83

Undamaged Camera 000E376C

Reporter’s Camera 0014DD48

ProSnap Camera 001C7F28

Silver Pocket Watch 00060E7D

Antique Pocket Watch 0014DDFC

Desk Fan 0001F905

Office Desk Fan 00192D5D

Gold Watch 00060E7C

Microscope 00059AEB

Giddyup Buttercup Front Leg 00163A14

Fishing Rod 00059B36

Pip-Boy 0001EE7C

Antique Globe 0001D975

Clean Globe 001A7DA5

Classroom Globe 0014DD40

Signed Baseball 0004BAE8

Baseball 00059A76

Collectible Baseball 000E3764

Youth League Baseball 0014DD17

New Power Cables 00091FD2

Power Relay Coil 00091FDE

Straw Pillow 00060EC7

Fusion Pulse Charge 00059ACD

Telephone 00059B15

Hot Plate 00059ADB

Ceramic Bowl 00023C32

Cracked Bowl 00023C34

Red Plate 00165327

White Plate 00165326

Bowl 00140B1A

Ashtray 0008E370

Yellow Plate 00165328

Teacup 00192699

Yellow-Trimmed Plate 0015CDF7

Clean Red Plate 0015CDF6

Clean White Plate 0015CDF5

Unused Ashtray 000E3762

Dirty Ashtray 0008E371

Empty Floral Barrel Vase 00061AFE

Empty Floral Bud Vase 00061AFD

Empty Floral Vaulted Vase 00061AFB

Empty Floral Flared Vase 00061AF3

Empty Floral Rounded Vase 00061AF0

Empty Willow Barrel Vase 00061AE1

Empty Willow Bud Vase 00061AE0

Empty Willow Vaulted Vase 00061ADF

Empty Willow Flared Vase 00061ADE

Empty Willow Rounded Vase 00061AD0

Empty Teal Barrel Vase 00061ABC

Empty Teal Bud Vase 00061ABB

Empty Teal Vaulted Vase 00061AB6

Empty Teal Flared Vase 00061AB5

Empty Teal Rounded Vase 00061AB1

Clean Bowl 00140B31

Warwick Pump Part 0005927E

Clean Umbrella Stand 000BA3F8

Umbrella Stand 000BA3F7

Colonial Vase 0014DDFB

Dawnshire Vase 0014DDF7

New Floral Barrel Vase 000AC91B

New Willow Barrel Vase 000AC91A

New Teal Barrel Vase 000AC918

New Floral Bud Vase 000AC917

New Willow Bud Vase 000AC916

New Teal Bud Vase 000AC915

New Floral Vaulted Vase 000AC914

New Willow Vaulted Vase 000AC913

New Teal Vaulted Vase 000AC909

New Floral Flared Vase 000AC8EE

New Willow Flared Vase 000AC8ED

New Teal Flared Vase 000AC8EC

New Floral Rounded Vase 000AC8EA

New Willow Rounded Vase 000AC8E8

New Teal Rounded Vase 000AC8E6

Floral Barrel Vase 000AC8E3

Empty Floral Bud Vase 00061AFD

Empty Floral Vaulted Vase 00061AFB

Empty Floral Flared Vase 00061AF3

Empty Floral Rounded Vase 00061AF0

Empty Willow Barrel Vase 00061AE1

Empty Willow Bud Vase 00061AE0

Empty Willow Vaulted Vase 00061ADF

Empty Willow Flared Vase 00061ADE

Empty Willow Rounded Vase 00061AD0

Empty Teal Barrel Vase 00061ABC

Empty Teal Bud Vase 00061ABB

Empty Teal Vaulted Vase 00061AB6

Empty Teal Flared Vase 00061AB5

Empty Teal Rounded Vase 00061AB1

Clean Bowl 00140B31

Warwick Pump Part 0005927E

Clean Umbrella Stand 000BA3F8

Umbrella Stand 000BA3F7

Colonial Vase 0014DDFB

Dawnshire Vase 0014DDF7

New Floral Barrel Vase 000AC91B

New Willow Barrel Vase 000AC91A

New Teal Barrel Vase 000AC918

New Floral Bud Vase 000AC917

New Willow Bud Vase 000AC916

New Teal Bud Vase 000AC915

New Floral Vaulted Vase 000AC914

New Willow Vaulted Vase 000AC913

New Teal Vaulted Vase 000AC909

New Floral Flared Vase 000AC8EE

New Willow Flared Vase 000AC8ED

New Teal Flared Vase 000AC8EC

New Floral Rounded Vase 000AC8EA

New Willow Rounded Vase 000AC8E8

New Teal Rounded Vase 000AC8E6

Floral Barrel Vase 000AC8E3

Floral Bud Vase 000AC8E1

Floral Vaulted Vase 000AC8E0

Floral Flared Vase 000AC8D9

Floral Rounded Vase 000AC8CF

Teal Barrel Vase 000AC8CD

Teal Bud Vase 000AC8CC

Teal Vaulted Vase 000AC8CA

Teal Flared Vase 000AC8C8

Teal Rounded Vase 000AC8C6

Willow Barrel Vase 000AC8C2

Willow Bud Vase 000AC8C1

Willow Vaulted Vase 000AC8C0

Willow Flared Vase 000AC8BF

Willow Rounded Vase 000AC8BE

Warwick Pump Piece 0005927A

Small Plate 000488DF

Small Serving Plate 000488DE

Small Dinner Plate 000488DD

Deathclaw Hand 0002EF67

Cracked Deathclaw Egg 0014F6AC

Pristine Deathclaw Egg 00190AE4

Tissue Sample 000EB2B0

Left Foot Bones 000347EB

Right Foot Bones 000347EA

Left Hand Bones 000347E3

Right Hand Bones 000347E2

Tibia 00188C9C

Skull Cap Bone 00188CA2

Skull Fragment 00188CA1

Human Jaw 00188CA0

Skull Eye Socket 00188C9F

Skull Faceplate 00188C9E

Broken Tibia 00188C9B

Broken Femur 00188C9A

Femur 00188C99

Shem Drowne’s Skull 00147D5D

Chalk 00140D98

Military Grade Duct Tape 00060E78

Piezonucleic Liner 0002CC42

Military Ammo Bag 00060E77

Industrial Oil Canister 001AB5EE

Aluminum Canister 00176054

TV Dinner Tray 00059B2C

Surgical Tray 00059AD8

Coolant Cap 000E1FF0

Cake Pan 0001A333

Clean Coffee Tin 00020191

Clean Cake Pan 0001A32F

Coffee Tin 00020194

Vegetable Starch 000657FE

Anti Freeze Bottle 00060E73

Suprathaw Antifreeze 001C7F31

Reactor Coolant 0017BE8B

Coolant 000C437F

Ichor Sac 00028A62

Gold Bar 00100E1E

Copper Bar 00100E19

Ball-Peen Hammer 0004D1F3

Hammer 001A4AB0

Claw Hammer 001A0B14

Blacksmith Hammer 001A0B13

Masonry Hammer 001A0B12

Silver Submachine Gun Prop 0008BB31

Tack Hammer 001A0B11

Paintbrush 00060ECF

Wooden Block – I & D 00059B1D

Wooden Block – N & S 00197503

Wooden Block – B & Y 00197502

Wooden Block – V & F 00197501

Sensor Module 001ACC8E

Rat Poison 00060ED8

Ring Stand 000EC8B3

Tin Can 0001F90A

Scalpel 00059B43

Table Knife 00059AE1

Dog Tags 00060EBF

Table Spoon 00060E96

Dinner Fork 00060E93

Dinner Plate 00060E90

Can 0001F909

Collander 0011DA11

HalluciGen Gas Canister 000E69AF

Surgical Scalpel 000C9ADA

Bandage Scissors 000C9AD7

Paladin Brandis’ Holotag 000B1DBB

Scribe Faris’ Holotag 000B1DBA

Knight Astlin’s Holotag 000B1DB9

Knight Varham’s Holotag 000B1DB8

Gear 000E1FF9

Torque Rod End 000E1FF8

Knight Rylan’s Holotag 000BDCDD

Initiate Clarke’s Holotag 000BDA4E

Danse’s Holotags 000D10AB

Brotherhood of Steel Holotag 000BDA4F

Empty Can 0016D8C9

Antique Table Knife 00140B2F

Fork 00140B29

Plate 00140B27

Unrusted Tin Can 000F15BB

Reflex Capacitor 000C30E0

Haptic Drive 000C30DF

Flux Sensor 000C30DE

Aluminum Tray 0016D8CA

Small Covered Sauce Pan 0003D3AB

Small Sauce Pan Lid 0003D3AA

Small Sauce Pan 0003D3A9

Sauce Pan Lid 0003D3A7

Ruptured HalluciGen Gas Canister 0016D041

Clothes Hanger 001BE890

Battered Clipboard 0001F92F

Silver Table Spoon 00060E95

Silver Table Knife 00060E8D

Silver Fork 00060E8B

Silver Plate 00060E91

Toy Car 00059B1C

New Toy Car 000FCE2F

Derby-Winning Toy Car 0014DD23

Globe 001A7DA6

Handcuffs 00059B3F

Pepper Mill 00020189

Clean Pepper Mill 00020184

Bonesaw 00059B40

Extinguisher 0001F8F9

Spatula 00059B0F

Radscorpion Stinger 000628ED

Empty Blood Sac 00028A64

Bloodbug Proboscis 00028668

Shopping Basket 00090E5E

Coffee Pot 000211CC

Untarnished Coffee Pot 0019930E

Luxobrew Coffee Pot 001C7F1B

Scissors 00059B44

Clothing Iron 00059ADE

Fancy Hairbrush 00060ECD

Silver Hairbrush 0014DDFF

Hubcap 0007E941

Bone Cutter 000C9ADE

Toothpaste 00199A88

Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts 00031AAF

Enhanced Targeting Card 000E7E71

NX-42 Guidance Chip 0004E3A2

Charge Card 00084AAC

Toothbrush 00060ECE

Pen 00140D99

Plastic Knife 00060E94

Plastic Spoon 00059B10

Plastic Fork 00059ACB

Wilson Atomatoys ID Card 0002A6FF

General Atomics ID Card 00046D13

Empty Blood Pack 0014242A

Courser Chip 0006D0E8

Synth Component 000CFF74

IV Bag 00142428

Reporter’s Pen 0014DDAF

Empty Coolant 000C4380

Salt Shaker 0002018A

Clean Salt Shaker 00020183

Cigar Box 0005821E

Box of San Francisco Sunlights 00159F0D

Tabletop Picture Frame 001A8E0B

Small Picture Frame 001A89A3

Desktop Picture Frame 001A89A2

Picture Frame 0014DE02

Wooden Picture Frame 0014DE01

Cigarette 00059AB5

Lit Cigarette 0008E36D

Signal Interceptor Plans 0003FC16

Subway Token 00059AEA

Cigar 0008E36F

Folder 00140AF0

Signed Baseball Card 0004BAE9

Stogie 00159F0A

Burnt Unstoppables Comic 00132979

Burnt Grognak Comic 00132977

Burnt Manta-Man Comic 00132974

Slocum’s BuzzBites Recipe 00051388

Napkin 00027F90

Burnt Fashion Magazine 001956A0

Burnt Lifestyle Magazine 0019569F

Burnt Trade Magazine 0019569E

Lit Stogie 00159F09

San Francisco Sunlights 00154AB2

San Francisco Sunlights 0014586C

Lit Cigar 0008E36E 00140D83

Detective Case File 001BD154

Flip Lighter 00058224

Unused Flip Lighter 000E377C

Soap 0019945F

MiniNuke Hemisphere Core 0017A772

Teddy Bear 00059B14

Pencil 00059AF8

Reporter’s Pencil 0014DDBD

Gold Plated Flip Lighter 00060E88

Light Bulb 0005A0D3

Research Test Tube 00059B16

Shot Glass 00059B0A

Beaker 00059B17

Test Tube 000EAFC1

Tall Flask 000EC8AB

Large Beaker 00176053

Chemistry Jar 00176052

Thin Beaker 00176051

Drinking Glass 00140B22

Flask 000EC8AD

Graduated Cylinder 00176050

Lab Bottle 0017604F

Clean Drinking Glass 00140B24

Adjustable Wrench 0004D1F5

Biometric Scanner 00154AD3

Prototype Biometric Scanner 0014DDFA

High-Powered Microscope 001C61C3

Crystal Liquor Decanter 00060E82

Cooking Pot 00059ABA

Vacuum Tube 00060AA3

Shadeless Table Lamp 0007830B

Broken Lamp 0007830A

Shadeless Lamp 0003F8C2

Yellow Table Lamp 0003F8C1

Blue Table Lamp 0003F8C0

Fuse 00059ACC

Broken Light Bulb 000342BA

Beaker Stand 000EC8B6

Pre-War Money 00059B02

Cotton Yarn 00060EC0

Dishrag 000A4920

Flight Data Recorder 0013A3E0

Coffee Cup 000211C4

Clean Coffee Cup 00171947

Saucer 0019269B

Deep Range Transmitter 00086874

Wooden Solider Toy 00191E93

Prevent 0004E700

Mole Rat Teeth 00034603

Upper Skull 000347EC

Capless Skull 00188CA3

Oven Mitt 00060E7B

Unscorched Oven Mitt 000FE270

Toy Rocketship 00059B2A

Cauterizer 00166B2D

Recorder 0013FF87

Tri Tool 00166B34

Sensor 00166B31

Alarm Clock – 00059B27

Wakemaster Alarm Clock – 001C9E92

Ear Examiner – 0013FF44

Applicator – 00166B2C

Aluminum Can – 0001F908

Spanner – 00166B32

Injector – 00166B2E

Tweezers – 0013FF41

Tray – 0019DFF3

Bag of Fertilizer – 0005A0D9

Abraxo Cleaner – 00059A71

Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner – 000E3760

Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade – 001C9E96

Consumable items codes:

Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese – 0002fbe4

Bloatfly Meat – 000330f4

Bloatfly Steak – 0004a151

Bloodbug Meat – 00074d0d

Bloodbug Steak – 0004693f

Bloodleaf – 001c25ee

Brahmin Meat – 0004a13f

Brahmin Steak – 0004695a

Brain Fungus – 001c0fc2

Bubblegum 000330f6

Canned Dog Food – 000bea58

Carrot – 000f742e

Carrot Flower – 001c4013

Cat Meat – 000939b8

Cooked Softshell Meat – 00046942

Corn – 000330f8

Cram – 000330ee

Crispy Squirrel Bits – 000330fa

Dandy Boy Apples – 0002fbf7

Deathclaw Egg – 00046939

Deathclaw Egg omelette – 0004693c

Deathclaw Meat – 00074d0e

Deathclaw Souffle – 001a71e7

Deathclaw Steak – 00101293

Deathclaw Wellingham – 001a71e7

Dog Steak – 00046940

Fancy Lads Snack Cakes – 000330b4

Fern Flower – 000e34e9

Fresh Carrot – 001994aa

Fresh Corn – 001994a9

Fresh Melon – 001994ab

Food Paste – 00047648

Glowing Fungus – 001c0fc3

Gourd – 000ef24d

Gourd Blossom – 001c4011

Grilled Radroach – 0019797d

Synthetic Gorilla Meat – 0016ca4f

Grilled Radstag – 00046952

Gum Drops – 000330fc

Hubflower – 001c3fdc

Iguana Bits – 000330fd

Iguana-on-a-stick – 000330fe

Iguana Soup – 00102157

InstaMash – 000366b9

Melon – 000fafeb

Mirelurk Cake – 0004a152

Mirelurk Egg – 0023e9d4

Mirelurk Egg omelette – 0004693e

Mirelurk Meat – 000330ff

Mirelurk Steak – 00046941

Mirelurk Queen Steak – 0021c00c

Mirelurk Softshell Steak – 00046942

Moldy Food – 001a6397

Mole Rat Chunks – 00046943

Mole Rat Meat – 00033101

Mole Rat Steak – 00046943

Mongrel Dog Meat – 000330fb

Mutant Hound Chops – 0021188e

Mutant Hound Meat – 00146156

Mutfruit – 00033102

Mutt Chops – 00046940

Noodle Cup – 00017c73

Perfectly Preserved Pie – 001a6396

Beans Pork n’ Beans – 000330f0

Potato Crisps – 000330f1

Potted Meat – 0016d8c8

Preserved InstaMash – 000e377a

Queen mirelurk meat – 0020d3de

Radroach Meat – 00033106

Radroach Steak – 0019797d

Radscorpion Egg – 0004693b

Radscorpion Egg omelette – 0004693d

Radscorpion Meat – 00074d10

Radscorpion Steak – 00046950

Radstag Meat – 0004a14f

Radstag Steak – 00046952

Radstag Stew – 0004696a

Razorgrain – 000e0043

Ribeye Steak – 0004695a

Roasted Mirelurk Meat – 0004696d

Salisbury Steak – 000366ba

Silt Bean – 001be2ab

Softshell Mirelurk – 00033100

Squirrel Bits – 000366bc

Squirrel On a Stick – 00102157

Squirrel Stew – 00036927

Stingwing Filet – 00046945

Stingwing Meat – 00074d0f

Sugar Bombs – 000330f2

Sweetroll – 000366be

Tarberry – 000d981d

Tasty Deathclaw Omelette – 001b5cc4

Tato – 0009dcc4

Tato Flower – 001c400d

Vegetable Soup – 0004a3b9

Wild Mutfruit – 001C400E

Yao Guai Meat – 00047660

Yao Guai Ribs – 00046955

Yao Guai Steak – 00046955

Yao Guai Roast – 0004696d

Yum Yum Deviled Eggs – 000366bd

Beer – 0011ea93

Blood Pack – 00052409

Bobrov’s Best Moonshine – 00050c28

Bourbon – 000366c4

Deezer’s Lemonade – 000e9284

Dirty Water – 000366bf

Drugged Water – 000a4944

Glowing Blood Pack – 00058ab4

Gwinnett Ale – 000f932c

Gwinnett Brew – 000f932d

Gwinnett Lager – 000f932b

Gwinnett Pale – 000f9329

Gwinnett Pilsner – 000f932a

Gwinnett Stout – 00022792

Ice cold Gwinnett Ale – 00178b17

Ice cold Gwinnett Brew – 00178b18

Ice cold Gwinnett Lager – 00178b19

Ice cold Gwinnett Pale – 00178b1a

Ice cold Gwinnett Pilsner – 00178b1b

Ice cold Gwinnett Stout – 00178b1c

Ice cold Beer – 00178b1d

Ice cold Nuka Cola – 00178b23

Ice cold Nuka Cherry – 00178b24

Ice cold Nuka Cola Quantum – 00178b25

Institute Water – 0021681d

Irradiated Blood – 000e2f68

Nuka Cherry – 00048360

Nuka Cola – 0004835d

Nuka Cola Quantum – 0004835f

Purified Water – 000366c0

Refreshing Beverage – 00058ab8

Rum – 00145857

Vodka – 000366c3

Wine – 000366c2

Whiskey – 000366c1

Addictol – 000459c5

Berry Mentats – 000518bb

Buffjet – 00058aa3

Buffout – 00033778

Bufftats – 00058aa5

Calmex – 00058aa7

Daddy-O – 00156d0b

Day Tripper – 00150729

Fury – 000628ca

Grape Mentats – 0010129a

Jets – 000366c5

Jet Fuel – 000518d0

Med-X – 00033779

Mentats – 0003377b

Mysterious Serum – 000ec4f7

Oranges Mentats – 000518c5

Overdrive – 00058aad

Psycho – 0003377d

Psychobuff – 00058aac

Psycho Jet – 00058aa8

Psychotats – 00058aaa

Rad-X – 00024057

RadAway – 00023742

Stimpak – 00023736

Ultra Jet – 00101299

Vault 81 Cure – 00055f10

X-Cell – 001506f4

Radscorpion Venom – 00058b0c

Stealth Boy – 0004f4a

Crop items codes:

Carrot – 000F742E

Corn – 000330F8

Gourd – 000EF24D

Melon – 000FAFEB

Mutfruit – 00033102

Razorgrain – 000E0043

Tato – 0009DCC4

Crafting items codes:

Steel – 000731A4

Wood – 000731A3

Rubber – 00106D98

Concrete – 00106D99

Plastic – 0006907F

Aluminum – 0006907A

Circuitry – 0006907B

Copper – 0006907C

Crystal – 0006907D

Fiber Optics – 00069087

Gears – 0006907E

Glass – 00069085

Lead – 000AEC63

Screw – 00069081

Spring – 00069082

Acid – 001BF72D

Adhesive – 001BF72E

Ballistic Fiber – 000AEC5B

Antiseptic – 001BF72F

Asbestos – 000AEC5C

Bone – 000AEC5D

Ceramic – 000AEC5E

Cloth – 000AEC5F

Cork – 000AEC60

Fertilizer – 001BF730

Fiberglass – 000AEC61

Gold – 000AEC62

Nuclear Material – 00069086

Oil – 001BF732

Silver – 000AEC66

Leather – 000AEC64

Shipment items fallout 4 codes:

Shipment of Steel – 100 – 001EC131

Shipment of Steel – 50 – 001EC132

Shipment of Acid – 25 – 001EC133

Shipment of Adhesive – 50 – 001EC134

Shipment of Adhesive – 25 – 001EC135

Shipment of Aluminum – 50 – 001EC136

Shipment of Aluminum – 25 – 001EC137

Shipment of Ballistic Fiber – 25 – 001EC138

Shipment of Antiseptic – 25 – 001EC139

Shipment of Aspestos – 25 – 001EC13A

Shipment of Ceramic – 25 – 001EC13B

Shipment of Circuitry – 25 – 001EC13C

Shipment of Circuitry – 50 – 001EC13D

Shipment of Cloth – 25 – 001EC13E

Shipment of Concrete – 50 – 001EC13F

Shipment of Copper – 25 – 001EC140

Shipment of Cork – 25 – 001EC141

Shipment of Crystals – 25 – 001EC142

Shipment of Fertilizer – 25 – 001EC143

Shipment of Fiberglass – 25 – 001EC144

Shipment of Fiber Optics – 25 – 001EC145

Shipment of Gears – 25 – 001EC146

Shipment of Glass – 25 – 001EC147

Shipment of Gold – 25 – 001EC148

Shipment of Lead – 25 – 001EC149

Shipment of Leather – 25 – 001EC14A

Shipment of Nuclear Material – 25 – 001EC14B

Shipment of Oil – 25 – 001EC14C

Shipment of Plastic – 25 – 001EC14D

Shipment of Rubber – 25 – 001EC14E

Shipment of Screws – 25 – 001EC14F

Shipment of Silver – 25 – 001EC150

Shipment of Springs – 25 – 001EC151

Shipment of Wood – 50 – 001EC152

Shipment of Wood – 100 – 001EC153