Best Open World Games


Best Open World Games

Open world games are typically considered as the games in which the player can roam freely around the virtual world. In this game, the user gets the considerable freedom to roam around the different places of the world. The term Roam often considered is a sandbox, so we decided to showcase the top open world games to provide you. In the list what we are going to present to you, would be listed the top Open world games.

In these games, you explore freely and your heart’s content engaged in the different activities unrelated to the main story of the game.

Best open world games:

1) The Witcher 3

Fans of RPGs with no doubt have played at least one installment of the Witcher series.

The series of Polish games has gained lots of popularity and fans across the globe.

The storyline is quite impressive, the graphics are crispy and the complex world which has been represented in here.

The game offers massive open world-hours upon hours of the story, tons of NPCs to interact and monsters to kills, different locations, and events with improved gameplay have many more to offer you.

If you really a fan of Open-world games, you consider the game on the top of the list.

Official Launch Trailer – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

2) Just Cause 3

The third game of the Just cause series, long-running, third-person shooting game provides rare graphics, quality, and storyline.

A fiction story, in which you make the dictator of the country ousted, and tear off the powers.

The game’s map is quite impressive; you can roam around the world, to collect the power and equipment.

The map of the Just Cause 3 is the same as the Just Cause 2, it offers you 400 square miles of the content but the vertical angle has been increased to a longer length.

The game most probably will be the best in the series.

Just Cause 3 Trailer at E3 2015

3) Assassin’s Creed Origins

Ubisoft has really done an impressive job with Assassin’s Origins developing.

The developer has really crafted an utterly stunning open world game.

You can visit and roam around the deserts of the modeled ancient cities of the world. The set of the game was crafted in Egypt the mother of all ancient history.

I would say this will be the best open world work from the Ubisoft and most of the gamers would accept this thing.

Dynamic graphics, wildlife, different encounters, heart-wrenching scenes, and sandstorms make you really playing and essaying the role.

If you have not played the game, I would highly recommend getting your hands onto this, the origin is a world to be part of.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Cinematic Trailer

4) Fallout 4

The hardcore fans of fallout may not agree, but Fallout 4 will be the best among the series.

The game allows you to create your own adventure, one of the best open world game, it allows you to create immersive and designed world of your own choice.

I would say the game made its place on the list just because of the content. The biggest draw of Fallout 4 is its determination to give the players freedom; they can do anything that they want to do.

Do you want to explore the endless open wasteland, and want to get an experience of a story full of the quirky characters, just get your hands on the game- Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 – Official Trailer

5) Infamous Second Son

The third installment of the Infamous series and the game deserves to be on the list just because of its faithful recreation.

It is one of the best superhero action based open world game, and you will get the right pinch to get the game on your device

inFAMOUS Second Son – E3 Trailer

6) Grand Theft Auto V


Rockstar the studio behind the developing of the game has a great name when it comes to open world games.

With each of the new release of an open world game, it seems to step up the characters, features and other stuff in the game.

The game is out of the Windows with the characters, a varied and gorges story with interesting essaying.

Though the game was released in 2014, still it has so much to give you, very impressive gameplay and dynamic features must roll your hands on the device to get it.

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

7) Minecraft

Minecraft is a great pick when it comes to choosing a best open world game ever made on with so simple backdrop. In this game, you need to craft the tuff where you have to live in the game.

You create a kingdom, adventure, and craft narrative that for transcend for any developer.

So, I do not accept it you have not yet played the game, but if you are a new game lover, you need to have this on your device.

Official Minecraft Trailer

8) Red Dead Redemption

One of the best pieces of a game developed by the Rockstar Games, based on fiction, you get your door opened for a new world by just having it.

I must say, the game’s atmosphere is best of the best, a great combination of old and new battle.

So, you get it on your device and have the taste of one of the best open world games.

Red Dead Redemption Official Launch Trailer

9) Morrowind

Though the game could not hit the nail right on the head when it was released, later on, the efforts of Morrowind team became fruitful.

The game not only captures the minds of the players but the freedom.

It is the massive game, an open-ended game which allows you to do what you want when you want and wherever you want.

You can be a warrior, becoming an ancient fighter, or want to a creator to build the building of your own choice.

The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind Trailer

10) Dragon Age: Inquisition


The third and one of the most famous installments of the dragon age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition

It is an actor playing a video game where you are playing the major role of Inquisitor who is the part of the grand journey, and want to deal with the civil unrest.

The developers make it possible to continue the previous story of the two games.

The map of the game, it has been noticed is five times larger and bigger than the first installment of the series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition | Official Trailer | Lead Them or Fall

So, that was the list of best open world games, and if you have not get your hands on any of the games, you need to go with. We have compiled the list, and you only chose which when you want to go with.

If you think, any more game could become the part of the list, feel free to comment down in the section, and we will be ready to edit the list accordingly your choice.



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