Battlefield V close alpha test ended, next due at end of this summer

Battlefield V close alpha test ended, next due at end of this summer

If you think you are the only who missed the chance to play the Alpha test of Battlefield V, which was run last week, you are not alone. There were very few who were invited to get the game rolling. No worries, Dice has confirmed the second test will start very soon, and you need to have a close eye on your Inbox, as you will be notified there to play the game, in multiplayer mode.

At the end of this June Dice launched the Alpha test of Battlefield V, giving the PC players about the few glimpses of the game, who the game works in multiplayer mode.

You know battlefield players always wanted you to make a small part of the big battle game, 64 players of the teams, take part in the game and face off with another team of that number following a huge map and complete different tasks.

You are a random player of the game unless you choose a special class, medic, assault, scout or support, though the teams are further divided into squads of four players, and it urges you to stick with the specific group and act effectively in a unit.

The multiplayer mode was being tested, and people were provided with codes to play the game, participate in the team.

Though, the test has closed and now, according to dice, the next alpha phase test will start at the end of the summer.

It all appeared on the screen, where you get the message

“Thank you for participating in the closed alpha test, the Battlefield V closed alpha now ended, your participation and feedback are instrumental in helping us to make the best WW2 game possible”

And you get another message, the next phase of Battlefield alpha will arrive in late summer.

The process of selecting the player is random, the players on the battlefield will be chosen randomly. And you just need to have a close eye on your inbox next time, this is very certain you might get a code to play the closed alpha test of the game.