Top 30 Best GBA games –

If your childhood spent by playing GBA games then you would love to read this article. Today, we are going to share you the best GBA games, the games which you still can play on the device, and can revisit the sweet memories of your childhood.

Do you know the history of GBA, when this device was developed and how this device changed the entire history of gaming?

In 1989 Nintendo debut its product, the opener, and 8-bit handled device, the name of the device was Game Boy Advance (GBA).

The device was first developed and launched in Japan, and Nintendo manufactured about 300,000 products of it and within the blinking of an eye, every single device was sold.

And when the device was opened to release in the U.S.A in July back in 1989, at the first every single device of 40,000 sold.

Though the device was lack of the graphics and properties which were offered by the biggest competitors Sega’s Games gear and Atari Lynx, but Nintendo Opener managed to blow other competitors out of the water.

So, that was the little history of GBA, and now you are going to read about top best GBA games in this article.

Top 30 Best GBA Games

So, here is the list of the all top 30 games you can play on GBA device, the list has been derived with lots of research. And if you think, there should be any other game on the list, please do comment in the section.

1) Adventure Island

Though the original adventure island was not that good, that was the adaptation of Sega’s Wonder boy. Though the theme of the game was little changed, somehow the story was copied from the close competitors.

The second installment of Adventure Island, really impress the audience, expanded inventory system add more power in the game.

2) Metal Slug

One of the best action games available on the GBA platform Metal Slug.

This is the only title of the series, which managed to take the place at GBA platform.

Countless weapons and vehicles are real souls of the game, fast-paced and exciting features manage to stand out in the massive crowd.

3) Final Fight One

Your heroes are coming to your streets to clean up your place by doing some action, to send the demons the way to the hell.

The gameplay is sound, the action is breathtaking, and graphics are up to the mark. You got different fighters to assist you in your fights.

4) The legend of Zelda

This is one of the most powerful Zelda games you ever play on any other platform or on GBA.

You get the chance to solve the puzzle and ill the different enemies of Kingdom. Protect the kingdom from the evils, and make your Kingdom protected from the evils which are coming after you to destroy.

5) Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge

When the game was released along with GBA in 1989, the gameplay was not that impressive.

After being getting a hit on the back, the developer made it possible to redevelop the game and make the game stand out, now the game has returned to worthy sitting at home console titles.

6) Golden Sun


A game full of the amazing visuals, dynamic sound, and a great story to watch, Golden Sun

This is one of the most hyped games ever played on GBA, the game has been making great money for GBA and if you want to get the game played, go ahead and get it.

7) Ninja Five-O

Completely old-school design game, fun, and challenging worth to play at GBA, Ninja Five-O

It is one of the toughest games to find in the cartridge market, so if you really want to meet a very complex game, must go with Ninja Five-O.

8) Mario vs. Donkey Kong

The game was developed when GBA was in dark days, classic Donkey kong Arcade, designs were contemporary styled and difficult to guess mechanics, really impress the audience.

9) The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

That I would say will be the only game of the series, which redefined itself and stood out in the test of the time, and manage itself to a new level.

The game got amazing reviews, especially the background voices and music was too inspiring to mention.

10) Contra Advance: The Alien Wars Ex

Contra game redefined the side-scrolling in the first shooting game world.

Though the contra advance was the second installment of the series, and you need to fight with the aliens in the game.

11) Mega Man Zero 2

If you to ask me to suggest one game on the platform, then I would suggest Mega Man Zero 2

This game changes the entire idea of side-scrolling, and the game which can triumph all games available on GBA would be Mega Man Zero 2

12) Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

The game used to be one of the hardest and most played games of the series.

The game really tests your nerves, and if you could win this game, you can make marks on any of the other games on any of the platform.

So, if you want me to suggest one of the complex and hard cross games, it would be Castlevania: Circle of the Moon:

13)  Mario Kart Super Circuit

The game which was used to take the spotlight when the GBA hardware was going to release was Mario Kart Super Circuit.

The game got really cool features; the game originally was released after several months of GBA but one of the best 16-bit console games.

14) Metroid Fusion

By the time when the game reached the released phase, GBA already declared, Game Club as the ultimate game of the first person.

But, those who want to reach the roots of the game really get to go with Metroid Fusion game. Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid II were the next installment of the game.

15) Metroid Zero Mission

Another Metroid title that could make the list Metroid Zero mission,

In this game you visit some other planets and places, to fight, fight harder. The game got interesting levels, which make you still engaged in the game.

16) Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

One of the most followed games of the hardware; you need to save the planet by following different methods.

You might have seen the movies, based on this game gameplay, full action-packed thriller game, which really makes you go with the game even entire night.

17) Dr. Mario

Though the game was developed for NES, later on, makes its place in GBA.

Though the game does not have the colorful visuals, the strong story is the heartbeat of the game.

18) F-1 Race

This game most of the time was sold with GBA four-player adapter. In this game, you need to fight with your three friends, the game which included battery backup option, really impress the GBA lovers, to get the game.

19) Final Fantasy Adventure

The game which emphasizes you to increase the level of you by making great marks in action along with role-playing, full of action, best sounds, and great graphics appalled to you to play the game in 2018.

20) Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Mysterio is planning something to close all the mess around him along with the neighbors

And you are going to support your friendly neighbors, to support him to increase the powers and to level up him by doing an amazing job.

21)  Grand Theft Auto (GBA)

The only game which lets your darker world comes out and thrashes the world with that power, Grand Theft Auto.

The game became the sensation within nights, still, people love the game, and with no doubt one of the top game of the console.

The gameplay is almost similar to the first two games of the series, and the game makes you get the more fun of it.

22) Pokémon Emerald

I would say one of the best Pokémon game ever created and ever played on GBA, Pokémon Emerald.

The complete version of the game added Pokémon Sapphire and Pokémon Ruby which gives you the great of the game, by adding goodness.

You train the Pokémon to become the champion, and you tell and teach him the secrets and tactics.

23)  Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Remarks of the original Pokémon game, and if you have played the first generation of it, you will love to see the graphics and storyline of this version.

24) Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

A great treat for the Pokémon lovers, one of the best games of Pokémon title, you need to see the gameplay of this.

25) Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Different game, different gameplay and different roles to play

Really an impressive game for those who want to build some social stuff within themselves

In this game, you are needed to reap what you sow. You are going to harvest different seasons, you can build relations with the neighbors, and can aid them to harvest smoothly. You are left with farms, and it is for you what you are going to sew on that farm.

26) Beyblade: G-Revolution

If you have been a great fan of Beyblade cartoons, then you necessarily love to play this game.

The game follows the exactly the same storyline, and you will feel right to play the game on your GBA device

27) Harvest Moon

The game allows your kids to plant the crops, raise livestock and other wood.

Though farming in the games sounds no great, it can increase the social experience and feels you the right of the society.

28) Kid Dracula

In the game Kid Dracula, you play a Kid Dracula, the bloodsucker, who have to stop the villainous Warmoth in the game.

You might have sounded the name in PlayStation, the PlayStation game is an adaption of this from GBA.

29) Dragon Ball

If you have had played the games of Goku, then you must have known about the gameplay. You know about Goku and his friends, now you get the game on your GBA device.

You are up to the way you do with the 27 characters, and get the real story of Goku and his friends in the game playing.

30) Fire Emblem

The game got the great reviews and lots of praises due to the amazing graphics and unique gameplay.

A great combination of Turn-based combat and grid-based movement

You are the leader of different heroes and heroines in the game, and all of them are equipped with different techniques and weapons. You need to gauge them accordingly their skills.

You have to beat your enemies by using tactics and techniques, either the war is with the sword or with guns, you need to hit the nail right on the head.

So, this was the list of top 30 GBA games every lover should get and play.

Most of the game you will be needed to purchase officially does not cost much. Get the game on your device, and get the real amusement of GBA.