Sonic Mania plus Review –

  • Sonic Mania Plus (PC, PS4 [reviewed], Switch, Xbox One)
  • Developer: Headcanon, PagodaWest Games
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Released: July 17, 2018
  • MSRP: $29.99 (physical) / $4.99 (digital upgrade)

For those who have not yet played the Sonic Mania, still there is a chance, go to any major gaming online platform, spend some bucks, and get your hands on the game. The game still has fun, still got the right price.

And you would be waiting for the follow up of sonic mania, there it comes. Sonic Mania comes up next week, you need to know either the game worth play, here to read the review regarding sonic Mania plus.

In the follow up of sonic mania, instead of three characters, you got five.

And instead of main campaigns, to play over and over again repeatedly, there are mixed sorts of game.

Addition of expanded four-player also garnered the positive reviews from the critics, and that was the things many of us, missing and never got in any updates.

Though the sonic in this decade could not impress the players with any top-notch, except the Sonic Mania, the sonic and black Knight added more weight on the shoulders of sonic, and these true disasters game bring the sonic at the edge of disappointment.

This may be the reason, the game, Sonic Mania Plus, a beautiful game to play, is not getting that earthshattering response despite having the impressive content.

In my opinion, the game Sonic Mania Plus going to heal the wounds of Sonic, the best sonic game since the Genesis days

You also would acknowledge the replay ability of sonic game, and it has been said the game could add more highs, and how could it get any higher than this, a question really.

There are surprising additions in the follow up of sonic mania, and the biggest addition, in my opinion, the mighty, Armadillo.

We had been seeing him in many sonic games, but the noticeable would be for Knuckles’ Chaotix, and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

Both of these characters got the unique moves, and you will be happy to see them, both exploring the sonic mania’s massive levels.

You know the specialty of Mighty, the dive bomb which can destroy the enemies, while ray, can fly through the air, and it would get you to the highest places.

The addition of encore mode, highly acclaimed and applauded by the critics, what we see rarely.

The encore mode acts like a new game plus mode.

The new characters fit into Sonic Mania, and Encore Mode added the cherry on the cake, allowing the players to switch between all the main characters.

It does not matter who is playing as though, the game retains the enjoyable platforming and same pace.

Their addition opens the levels up, and some paths there are only related to their unique abilities to fly, jumping and others.

Some critics would say that not much expansion of the game, a re-release with DLC backed in.

And at some point it is true if you had bought the first version of the same series, you probably should stick into that.

So, the final verdict would be if you missed the first game of the sonic mania and missed it, you got the chances by playing it with the re-release, with some additions of characters and some features.