The crew 2 review |

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The crew 2 is a second installment of the series the crew produced by Ubisoft.

Though, the game could not impress the audiences and critics with its gameplay or the content. But, the game got lots of punch inside of it; it is friendly for all of the gamer. And you will have great fun along with your friends. It feels like a simple racing game, free from the world physics and gravity.

Do you remember the first installment of the series, the crew 2, I do.

There were lots of ambitious and splendid ideas, what people can do, and how it was going to work in the next version.

Genuinely the quite impressive ideas really hit the people; it looks like the reinvent of the racing games.

No one knows where the ideas have gone now, even on the launching of the game; Ubisoft was stuck into different problems, the problem of the game, having uninspiring racing ideas.

The last Friday we see the launching of crew 2, the game comes with the different kinds of play, in the form of boats, planes and off-roads, through the hills and much more.

The game went one step ahead, and beyond the simple racing and playing game with the friends, it adds random drops, records that can be challenged, and different kinds of experience much larger than it seems.

It more seems like an energy drink advertisement, though the gameplay and designs are slightly better than the first game, not content.

The addition of different types of vehicle adds some interest to the game; add more variety for the player, at least in the theory.

The addition and picking of the vehicle are quite interesting, even a little kid of 10 years can pick a jet and go, and the other adults of the home can repeat the same in off-road.

In crew 2 the games the vehicles are split into three categories mainly- the cars (addition of the mind-boggling cars is no lesser than a magic), planes and boats.

The depth on the display is admirable, and it is really a blast testing out the new rides as the rank increased.

Th newly added motorcycles which got really good control multitudes of absurdly.

Having encompassing the entire US, and the stuff into it, still everything feels like empty.

The game put the focus on foundation, if you keep the game controls, you will have greater fun, and it will be proved easy for you to play.

I would say some addition ripped off the easiness and racing of the game, the addition of the F-1 configuration is bit disappointment for the hardcore racers.

But, easy and fun seems to overtake the complication and brutality in the game, but for the hardcore racer, the game may be looks disappointment.

Addition to the rewards or upgrades to the vehicles makes it slightly complication, and you will have to complete the goal during the competitions, it becomes a motivational factor to you, racing, replaying and upgrading the vehicle.

The upgrades come in the form of parts, each part got the number attached to it, along with the attributes, and color-coded for labeling as better parts.

The upgrading and rewards are really the motivating factors in the game, for me, this took me far long in the game, getting the next upgraded vehicles.

The more you do, the more you earn, and you see accomplishment, the more you get.

And about the gameplay, the Ubisoft did its best to mix some sorts of the storyline.

You play as the character, which trying to earn some name in the racing world.

You are working with a manager, pushes you all the time, and making you to avail the opportunity, it unfolds in the game.

As you go further and further, earn more, and unlocks more events to increase your greatness and presence among other players. The story, in the sense, makes you become the better of you and becoming the better racer among your other fellows.

Leave about the game and an event there is a free area, to roam around to relax for some moments.

This it is the respectful thing, and add in the game, it allows you to travel across the land in a huge environment, and do what you want to do.

In the end, the game does a great job mixing the current and old consoles powers.

The textures, light, graphics, cars environment all are good fitted.

The cars addition is no more than a stunning in, the only shortfall what I see in the visuals, in the streets where people are more like the old generation Sims roaming.

Leave aside that thing, while playing the game racing, you would stop and see the Sims sights for a second.

Beyond that, the crew 2 is a fun game, it is a better-looking racing game in the market as of now, it may not be equal to assassin’s creed origin, but the comparison to their expansive driving games.