Pokemon Starter

Starter Pokémon is a terminology that is referred to a Pokémon that players must choose between at the beginning of each game.

There are always three Pokémon to choose between, like water type, Grass type, and Fire-type.

There will always be three Pokémon, the three types which complete a circle, where each Pokémon is weak to the other and strong to the other one.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter:


Type: Grass Poison

Number: 001


The very first pokemon of the series, which has a big flower on its back and Grass Type of Pokemon


Type: Fire

Number 004

Charmander is a red pokemon, with powerful abilities and fire, it got the fire tip o its tail which burns out, and it dies


Type: Water

Number: 007

It is a cute turtle Pokemon, that uses water as its form of attack to get in the defence


Type: Electric

Number: 025

The only starter Pokemon which is electric, and one of the most as well


Type: Grass

Type: 152

Grass Type Pokemon, which emits the Spice aromas


Type: Fire

Number: 155

A Pokemon that has a fire coming out from it, and this let the fire com in and out


Type: Water

Number: 158

One of the most powerful Pokemon, which has powerful Jaws, and once it bites its enemies, it would not let them go


Type: Grass

Number: 252

A grass Type Pokemon, it can stick to only ceilig due to spikes


Type Fire

Number 255

A fire type Pokemon, which can send fire ball out and leave its foes burning down


Type Water

Number 258

A water Type of Pokemon, there is a meme that say So, I herd You Like Mudikpz.


Type Grass

Number 387

The basic type f Pkemon, which can learn Withdraw as the basic move of it


Type Fire

Number 390

A fire type monkey which has a fire tail, it sets the fire out from the tail when it sleeps


Type Water

Number 393

The Pokemon resembles the Penguin, it lives in icy mountains


Type Grass

Number 495

A grass type Pokemon, it is


Type Fire

Number 498

Fire pig Pokemon, it is the pokemon which is able to breathe fire out of its mouth


Type Water

Number 501

Oshawott is the water type starter, the shell on its stomach can be thrown out to the foes


Type Gras

Number 650

Chespin is the grass type starter Pokemon, it can be used on spines on its back to protect itself


Type Fire

Number 653

The fire type Pokemon of Kalos Region


Type Sun/Moon


Number 722

Grass type starter of Alola Region



Type Water

Number 728

Water type starter of Alola region