Top Android games –

When you search for the best Android games, you have to believe this; iOS arguably has better options than Android. But, over the past few years, Android games have grown so well, that this has surpassed iOS. Now, you can say Android does not showcase the iOS to get the games on their platform.

There can be more than one reason of this, but in my opinion, the top reason will be the Google Play Store. The app store really takes care of the developers and can provide the bread and butter just from developing the games.

Here are we providing you the best Android games, most of the games are free but few can costs you some bucks. But, one thing for sure the games can bring some entertainment for you.

Top Ten Best Android games:

Gaming on a mobile phone has been improved at a far greater rate than any of the other technology. Android games seem to touch new heights; people love to play games on Android. And, after releasing of Android Nougat and Vulcan API the performances of games over the mobile phone has been increased

Here are the top ten Android best games; you still can play them in 2018.

You also can get these games direct from the Google Play Store, and we ourselves are providing you the direct link to download them.

1) OceanHorn

If you are a great fan of Zelda, then you might be interested in playing OceanHorn on your Android mobile phone.

The popular game got said narratives and great visuals to play.

One of the major contributor to polishing the game right, the background sounds, plus easy to play and easy to handle.

Even the first timer would love to play this Ocean Horn game, for the game lovers, the game will be one stop shop, got everything which can hit the nail right on the head. You need to pay a little amount to get the game installed on your phone, and if you could make the game free from app purchase, it depends on you.

OceanHorn Trailer

2) Minecraft

I do not think any other game could get that level of popularity what comes in head towards this Minecraft game.

Minecraft is a popular game all around the world and people of all ages love to play this game.

For those who are going to get the game very first time in their phone- in this game, you craft your life in here, like build stuff, beat up the bad guys and do pretty much of the stuff you want.

In survival mode, you must mine your own resources like food and other stuff.

Frequent updates have made the game stand out in the crowd, and give many more possibilities to live your life in your own principles.

You also have to pay for the game, to get this installed on your Android phone, but that little amount will be well paid.

Minecraft Trailer

3) Monument Valley 1 And 2

Monument valley back to the list with the release of the second installment of Valley 2, both the games are really very impressive and got virtually identical gameplay mechanics and graphics.

The layer of adventures in the game really makes the game stand out; the premises of the game are still charming.

Monument Valley 2 Trailer

4) Injustice 2

Fight as your favorite DC superheroes in the second installment of the popular game.

Injustice 2 got great features compares to the Injustice first installment. It is dynamic, new moves have been added, and with a new character to play as in this game.

The game got a great storyline, and a great combat to play in, to get the game installed, you need to pay a little amount.

Injustice 2 Trailer

5) World of Warships Blitz

If you are the fan of MMO game, World of Warships Blitz will be a nice catch for you. In this game, you are going to take part in the battle which is happening in seas.

You are the captain of the battleship, cruiser and going to destroy others by making new tricks and deceiving them

World of Warships Blitz Trailer

6) Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

Have you played Dirt trackin game; this is the second installment of the series, with Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars. The game provides a different track and range of the cars to choose from.

Either you race with yourself or go to the multiplayer mode to get the race with the famous racer in the world.

Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars Trailer

7) Framed

One of the finest game developed by the world’s leading game developers of the world.

There are different titles of the game, vast and varied subjects. Some of the excellent titles are taken from the framed 1 and 2 puzzle game.

Framed Trailer

8) Pokémon Go

Pokémon go was exploded for the mobile world from the July 2016.

And the game instantly became the best Android game to play on the platform.

In this game you walk around the different places, to catch the Pokémon.

The latest updates of this game have made the game stand out, new mechanics and new Pokémon this is really not the same game which was released in 2016.

Pokémon Go Trailer

9) Asphalt Street Storm

If car racing amuses or entertains you a lot, the game really can impress you from the core.

The franchise has been there for a long time, and the game which we are going to share with you, Asphalt Street Storm is the latest racing game of the franchise.

Asphalt Street Storm Trailer

10) Modern Combat Versus

I would say Gameloft is the biggest franchise of gaming world. The game Modern Combat Versus is developed and produced by Gameloft, and you know the performances and impressions of the games by this franchise.

The game allows the character to take the role of an agent, and then make the way by a beautifully designed map of the world.

Modern Combat Versus Trailer