Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode of the game

Electronic Arts recently announced two upcoming announcements. One is Battle Royale mode and other is the lack of paid DLC. Now, we want to discuss more Battle Royale Mode of the game, and we got the most pertinent person to this, Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, who provided more insight about both the upcoming events during the Battlefield V reveal.

Speaking of the battle Royal Mode, he explained that will be too early to discuss the players and numbers of players in Battle Royal Mode. He added, since the mode is still in making process, and the team is working hard to make it possible and focuses on the launch of it, he added more about the decision of taking the Royal Battle Patch.

“This is very unique why we step into this, there were talks in the town regarding making this. And lots of talk about we should, and we should, we have so much in the Battlefield sandbox, which will be a gift for this to make battlefield Royal mode to fit into this.

There were talks about the traditional experience of the game, and there were speculations this will be influenced with the release of Battle Royale Mode of the game?

But, the senior producers added, this is very exciting for us what the Battlefield can do for us.

Doing the Royal Mode does not mean we are spoiling the traditional experience of the game. He added grand operations of the game will be there, we want players to take on this journey of the war.

The lack of Paid DLC, while on the other hand making the community together, he responded on this.