Best PS4 GAMES 2018

PlayStation is one of the most followed and purchased gaming console on God’s good earth. People love to play their favorite games over this platform, and this is really full with the adorable games. You can have every niche game on this platform, either it is the racing, action, shooting, or sports games, this is one step ahead of his competitors. Now, with the launch of PS4, providing the users to get the game going in 4k resolution, more HD power, HDR technology Sony this is being loved by the masses even.

So, if you got a PlayStation, and want to narrow down in searching for the best PS4 games in 2018, this is what we got for you. We can provide you with the top games; you can have these games paid or free and get the real amusement of playing video games on your favorite console.

If you think some other game should also be included in the list, we welcome you and happily edit the list, if we think that should be in the list.

1) God of war

With the gorgeous father-son story, and up to the mark graphics, till now God of wars is one of the most incredible games for PlayStation players.

The games had hit the nail right on the head and people started loving the superlative gameplay of this.  The combat system, on the other hand, is really stunning, with most imaginative designs, the game worth to purchase on PS4.

I can assure you would not have played the game of this level when it comes to the combat system, Gameplay and story. People really love the game and had started waiting for the GOWII already.

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

2) Far Cry 5

The latest entry in the Far Cry series from the Ubisoft is not lesser than a masterpiece, though, the series also one of the greatest hit in the history of video games.

But, especially this Far Cry 5 with most powerful four villains and all of them are very powerful and unique style to face-off.

Action adventure first-person shooting game in which you are playing a role of deputy in fictional hope country Montana

In this installment of the Far cry 5, you can customize your characters, and has wide-ranged weapons to combat with the enemies.

Far Cry 5 – Story Trailer

3) Bravo Team

If you love playing shooter genre games, then you need to have this game on your device, a good action game. In this, you are on an escort mission which goes fail resulted in President’s assassination.

Your neighbor countries starting threatening the country, you and your team want to offer your part. Communication in the game is necessary, you will have to fight in the team, you can go as single-player and 2 players combination, the way you want.

You need to work together, build-up a strategy and try to escape.

In short and simple words, a worth to play the game, and you will get so much fun in it.

Bravo Team | Immersion Trailer | PlayStation VR

4) MLB the Show 18

A baseball video game, which will provide you many happy hours to hit the game on your device, it is based on Major League Baseball, thirteenth entry of the MLB the shadow franchise.

Aron Judge is on the cover, and if you do not know this man, then you should not get this game to play on PS4.

If you have been playing the baseball game on your PlayStation, and by this game hitting on your device, you can feel the difference between this and other baseball games. Sony Flagship has never been that better before, best in controls and impeccable attention details along with the visuals.

Gameplay is really catching, which can stick you for hours with the screen to play, and this have been one of the biggest traditions of MLB series.

MLB The Show 18 | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

5) Detroit: Become Human

If you love to solve mysteries and play adventures games, this game going to hit the nail right on the head with its deep layered storyline and gameplay.

Detroit: Become Human an adventures game which are designed by Quantic dreams and published by Sony entertainment.

The game entirely revolves around 3 Androids, Kara, Markus and Connor which are working on different things and project which you need to unveil while playing this game on PlayStation.

You are entirely amused by the characters and the story of the game, along with graphics.

Detroit: Become Human – PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

6) A Way Out

An action adventure game, there has no single player option, you can only play the game either online or on local between two players.

The game is specially designed for the split-screen multiplayer, and you have to play it either online or local, with another player.

The story of A Way Out revolves around two prisoners, who made their way out of the prison by breaking. Both of them have to work together, to get a mission or job done. Like while breaking the prison, one character should control the authorities and make their attention to another thing or place, and another character silently breaking the prison to find a way to go out.

The game impresses you from every side, either be the design of the game or action.

Player go through the emotional journey together and manage to do something truly special bond with each other.

A Way Out Official Gameplay Trailer

7) Assassin’s creed rogue remastered

Assassin’s creed rogues an action-adventure video game, and final game of the series to be played on PS3 and XBOX 360. After this game, Ubisoft announced they will no longer be developing games for Xbox and PlayStation.

The plot of the game is entirely fictional, but real-world events have been indulging very beautifully in the game.

This is centuries old struggle between assassin and Templars.

The story of the game is quite terrifying and interesting; the story is set in 18th during seven year’s war.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered | Launch Trailer

8) NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation video game, it is developed by Visual Concepts, the 19th installment on the series after NBA 2K17.

These series have been a great hit and people love this simulation game.

The story, the gameplay and above all the graphics are truly inspiring.

The player in the game plays NBA games with the customized players or the teams.

The game follows the rules and objectives of National Basketball Association.

There is several game modes are in the game, and you can simply get your favorite players and the teams in it to compete with others.

Not only the current seasons and team are available in the game but the previous features of NBA teams and era, are also included.

NBA 2K18 Trailer


A survival action adventure game with the tower defense and other stealth mechanics, the game played by third-person perspective, and it also offers a multiplayer mode of the game, in which you can join with other three players to complete missions in the game.

The storytelling, gameplay and the graphics all are worth to praise.

A large portion of the game comprises of players exploring the world which is covered by the toxic clouds and dust.

In this exploring the world, and getting the in-game map, you need to have a close eye on your oxygen level.

Players go out and manage stuff to stand live in the game like foods, or find resources to craft material and activate them like stuff.


10)  Moss game

A blend of first-person and third-person virtual reality video game base on a journey and adventures

The plot of the game is on virtual reality; you step in a library, and open a book to read. When you open the pages and start reading, you transported to that location, or place what you were reading in the book. In this, the reader met a mouse and both went out for adventure.

In this game, the player can change its position and can have the different perspective of the world.

Moss Trailer