Best VR games for Android –

Do you want to play virtual reality games? And you find it very expensive to own PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTV Vive? But, there is a fantastic option you can go for, mobile VR gaming.

There is a gadget which can lead you to play any VR games by using your Android phone or iOS device.

You are not required to have a high-tech gear to play your favorite VR games.

If you have Google Cardboard headset, which probably is not that expensive, you can have that in affordable prices, you can play the mentioned VR games by installing them on your Android phones and iOS Device.

If you just once could play the VR game, you will definitely turn to a VR fan.

Top 15 best VR games for Android:

This is a list of top best VR games what you can have on your Android phone and Apple device. By playing these games you would be battling with the waves of enemies, shooting the zombies, and attacking using swords on your enemy.


Price: Free
A very basic and simple game to play to play in virtual reality. Most of the people should feel comfortable playing this game, this game got no complex input or interface, and with simple one button input you can feel the experience of virtual reality. You need to explore the new world of virtual reality there and collect the crystals. You need to solve the puzzles, face the challenges what comes to your ways, and face the mazes and time obstacles. You have no need to jump or run in the game, as in most of the virtual reality game, you can play this by just sitting on a swivel chair, or by just standing. A completely free game with no in-app purchase option, play and experience the first game of virtual reality.

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2) Chair in a Room

Price: Free
The game title seems somehow scary, and you need to have strong nerves to get the game going. And a scary game what you are playing on virtual reality can get your cardiac arrest. The game got the first person perspective, as most of the scary title games go with. A perfect game to play in virtual reality, this game features dark environments and plenty of jumping and moving sequences. The story of the game may engage you, where you will be finding a missing girl, just equipped with a flashlight.

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3) Flats

Price: FreeĀ 
This is the first multiplayer game in our list- you can have this game to play both single player and multiplayer. The amusement of playing and killing a person playing with you is somehow different. You run around the map and killing people around you targeted. There is no bloodshed in the game a colorful cool game to play in which the bullets bounce off of the stuff, and it is very amusing to watch this. The multiplayer support is somehow difficult as well, you will have to gather Android TV support if you go for the cross-platform to play this game. At just $1.67 you cannot get a better game than this, have this exceptionally fun game to play with your VR headset.

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4) VR Roller Coaster

Price: in-app purchase
The list of top VR games would not be completed with Rollercoaster game. The game got player experiences in FPS and ultra-wide view of a stunning roller coaster. The way the roller coaster ride goes upside and down in the loops can make you shred. The realistic graphics though are very impressive and makes the game to play with joy. Must get the roller Coaster game, mostly compatible with all Android devices, and you can have this even on a low-ended smartphone.

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5) Zombie Shooter VR

Price: In-app purchase
The best zombie game to play with your Google Cardboard VR headset- the gameplay of this zombie genre game is of a post-apocalyptic world, which is full with the dark zombies, and they attack you while you enter into the world and open the fire upon them using different weapons. The look to shoot control of this game makes it friendly to play and control. Players start the game by just picking the weapons, after that the dark shade comes on, and they are thrown into a tunnel where the armed people await them. The game allows you to have 360-degree exploration and is compatible with most of the virtual reality gadget available in the market. The gameplay is complex; one has to put the sheer focus on zombies to shoot them out and to kill them.

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6) Minos Starfighter VR

Price: 0.99$
Minos Starfighter is one of the classic games to play on Google Cardboard VR. This use to be the first decent game for Google Cardboard, many of the VR lovers also remembers the game with End Space VR games. It is a space shooter game while sitting in the cockpit of the space fights; you are going to take down the enemies. As you go far, the enemies come to your ways start increasing, and you need to be more active and quick to attack them and to pass them by. As you play the game, you go upgraded your level and earn more score. The hardware support of the game, the graphics of it and above all the sensation to journey in space shooter is something very amazing.

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7) Adventure Time: I see Ooo VR

Price: ($2.47)
You might have seen the cartoons with the same name; yes Adventure Time is the cartoon network, a famed name in the cartoon industry. The show is very popular on TV, and people die to watch every episode of this show, that is why the developer put this in VR game, and you can have this with Adventure time, I see Ooo. If you are not aware of the series what use to come on TV, you should not go for this particular game, as it takes time to understand the gameplay.

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8) VR Noir

Price: Free
Virtual reality games are the visually stimulating game, but the taste of playing a VR games double when the story of the game driven to the next level. And unfortunately, there are few games which could fulfill that criterion, VR noir is one of them. A perfect game to play in virtual reality, deliver the cinematic experience and one of the most transcend gaming feel you will get by having this in the list. The voice acting in this game is impressive, and the narrative with the storyline is engrossing. It is a very engaging game, and you must have this to play for Mobile VR.

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9) Galaxy VR

Price: Free/ $2.49
A nice blend of space battling and the First person shooting game experience, Galaxy VR game. In this game, you will be engaging with various types of battles, at the ground in the air or FPS. You need to be ready to go any side, in the air you need to come at the cockpit, and in the ground, you need to have a complete focus on the target. This game requires having a controller with the joystick, at least three push buttons so that the controls could work.

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10) Hardcode VR

Price: Free/$2.49
Hardcode though has become a classic game to play- but still one of the better available shooting games. With the control of the camera by moving the head, and playing with the third-person perspective, the game is great to add to the list of yet to play games. Another game which can be played on online multiplayer mode, you can have this for single also. One hiccup, you need to have a gamepad to get this game to play, and without of this one, you would not be playing it.

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11) Hunters Gate

Price: $5.99
The world has been attacked, and you need to fight back to save your home, to save the world from the demons. A fun to play the game on VR mobile, graphically impressive game The rolling element in the game makes your character grow stronger by playing the game and learning the new skills.

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12) Need for Speed No limits VR

Price: $14.99
The sensation of speed in virtual reality is entirely different what you use to have on your consoles or Android phones. It is probably one of the best racing games for your Android smartphone. The graphics of the game makes it the engrossing game and break-neck pace race on the other hand on powerful rides is utterly exciting. You can customize your car, can get the favorite car, and change the entire shape of that the way you want. EA has paid great attention to provide the versatility to the VR lovers to play on their favorite headset.

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13) Need for Jump VR

Price: Free
One of the cool games what you can play on your VR headset. In this game, you need to jump and run around to gather coins. By using those coins you can unlock the advanced features of the game. The direction of the running and jumping is determined by your head movements. You need to look left or right to move in those directions, and then nod your head to jump. You can also play the game on multiplayer mode, though a complex game to play. You can make yourself killed most of the time while moving, as the hurdles can take your way done. But, a fun to play a game- and to joy with being around your loved ones.

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14) Voxel Fly VR

Price: Free/$3.99
An endless running game, in which you will be running around in the streets of the city You will be flying in the endless city but avoiding the traffic or other obstacles which come to your way to haunt you down. The leaderboard counts the score of you, and you can compare to your friends who can make the furthest. The further you go, the difficult it becomes to fly and run avoiding traffic. But, you can unlock the advanced features by going further and earning more scores in the game.

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15) VR X-Racer

Price: Free/ $5.01
Another endless running game, having the same concept but different modes, and different obstacles to stop your way running. You need to run very fast as the oddly shaped obstacles are following you and can end the game by crushing you there. You will get points by hitting blues, near misses what comes to your path. You need to earn the highest number of scores while traveling and running. It is the very simple endless running game when to compare it with other games on the list. You got the option to play the game with a gamepad or head tracking as the controller of the movement. You can have this free of cost though, but the advanced features in the game are an in-app purchase, and to get the full entertainment of playing this game, you have to pay.

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These are the best games what we can have on our Android phones, and can play mobile VR games. If you think there should be any other game listed in the list of best VR games to play on Android phone, please do comment in the comment section.