CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List – Tweets Games

After being released for more than 11 years Counter-Strike Global Offensive player still has a dominant position in FPS shooter games. This game is still popular among many gamers. This game is all about a 5v5 first-person shooter game. We have gathered settings and gear lists of many famous CS GO Pros Namely  ZywOo, S1mple, dev1ce, ScreaM, Stewie2K, and Shroud. We also have listed their DPI, eDPI, sensitivity, resolution to gears such as Hardware, Mouse, Keyboards, and  Mouse pad.

You can also get an idea from our list that how CS GO pros are playing currently or you can also copy your favorite player’s settings as your settings.

Always feel free to comment down any mistake or any outdated information you notice, we will ensure to make corrections as soon as we could. Or wrote off any obsolete information. We are still updating this list from time to time because players change their settings or gears. Thank you for reading.