The gaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years which has paved the way for the explosion of the competitive esports scene. With esports tournaments rewarding lucrative prize pools, the hunger to be the best individual in a given game has also increased. Many individuals strive hard to get into the scene therefore, choosing the appropriate gaming gear especially the gaming mouse is of the utmost importance.

Today there are a slew of options when it comes to gaming mouse with each offering something different from the rest. Finding the best one out of the bunch and the one that will suit you the most has become increasingly confusing. To help you make the correct decision regarding your next Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 Dollars we have compiled the list of the best mice available in the market. But before we dive into the list there are a few things regarding mice you should be aware to make the optimal decision.

10 Best Gaming Mouse Under 50 Dollars in 2020 – Top Product List

Product Product ReviewPrice
Razer Viper Mini8500 DPI, RGB , 6 Buttons Check Review Check Price
Cooler Master MM710Pixart 3389 16000 DPI
Check Review Check Price
SteelSeries Rival 38,500 CPI, RGB, 300 ips Check Review Check Price
Logitech g203 LightSync8000 Dpi, LIGHTSYNC RGB Check Review Check Price
HyperX Pulsefire FPS ProPixart 3389 16,000 DPI,
Check Review Check Price
Razer Deathadder Elite16000 Dpi, 7 Buttons, RGB Check Review Check Price
Roccat Kain 100/1028,500 Dpi, 1,000Hz, RGB Check Review Check Price
Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless10,000 Dpi, RGB WIRELESS Check Review Check Price
UtechSmart Venus16400 Dpi High, RGB, 1000 Hz Check Review Check Price
Corsair M55 Pro RGB12,400 Dpi, 8 Buttons, RGB Check Review Check Price

The Best Gaming Mouse Under $50 – Buyers Guide:


The shape of a mouse plays a vital role in how you grip the mouse and the comfortability associated with it. Mice are usually categorized into two shapes i.e symmetrical mice and ergonomic mice. There are sub shapes as well but we will focus on these two broad categories. The shape of your next mouse may dictate what grip style will be suitable for it.

Fist and foremost you should have a general idea of the three commonly used grips.

  • Palm Grip: The grip in which you completely overlap the mouse with your palm locked at the back of the mouse. This grip is very good for tracking. An aim style in which you follow the target rather than snap onto it because the palm provides a great amount of control in your movement.
  • Claw Grip: The grip in which you hold the mouse like an eagle’s claws. The palm is placed at the back of the mouse while the fingers arch over the buttons. This grip combines the best of both worlds. It provides reasonable tracking with a great amount of flick accuracy.
  • Fingertip Grip: The grip in which the mouse is controlled by the fingers rather than the palm being the center of the pivot. In this grip little to no contact is made between the palm and the mouse. This causes very snappy mouse movements. This grip is mostly used by the players who rely on flicks rather than tracking.

Mice with symmetrical shape tend to be smaller with a narrow hump with most of it protruding in middle rather than the back of the mouse. This shape is suitable for fingertip and claw grip. The narrow hump does not interfere with your finger placement. You can easily overlap the mouse with your fingers. For claw grip, this sort of shape enhances the grip feel. Your palm can rest at the edge without any pressure while your fingers are packed tightly over the mouse. For palm grip, you will require an ergonomic mouse with a high slopping hump. The mouse should be able to fill the hand for utmost comfortability.


The size of the mouse is also a very important consideration. If you use a mouse that is too small your hand may feel cramped likewise if you use an oversized mouse the surface area will not be filled causing an unnatural feeling. To find the optimal size for your hand you should measure your hand. To measure your hand, start with measuring the length from the tip of your middle finger to your palm and for the width start with the knuckle your thumb to the edge of the palm. This measurement will give you a general estimate of the size required for your hand.

We will like to add here that even though you may seem to gravitate towards a bigger mouse we will like you to consider something a tad bit smaller than your hand size. A smaller mouse may increase precision due to the less area required to move. It will help you aim with a sense of granular precision. Of course, we do not recommend going too small and making your hand feeling cramped.


The quality of the sensor embedded in the core of the mouse indicates how well a mouse can track. The industry standard right now is the PMW 3360 or anything with equivalent tracking capabilities or better. Usually, all the well-established manufacturers in the mouse scene have decent sensors that track accurately. The problem jets out in the knockoff/Chinese mouse. While not all of them have bad sensors but most of them just skimp on a good sensor for mere cost-saving measures.

For this, you need to steer clear of the many Chinese mice being sold. Well aside for good ones we will mention here, you should stay away from Chinese manufactured mice and buy something from a well-established manufacturer.


Most mouse today come with absurdly high dpi figures but not all of them can track precisely up to that high point. For anything below 3200 dpi you will be fine with most mice but if you are someone who tends to play with very high dpi you should look into a mouse that has the capability of raw tracking up to that point.


With the release of more and more complicated games that require many actions to be triggered at the same time the lust for more buttons present on the mouse has also increased. Not only in MMO/RTS games but gamers in other genres of games also require more buttons on the mouse. Having more buttons on the mouse has become a very convenient feature. If you are an individual who likes to have many buttons for some most used actions rather than spamming the keyboard key you should consider the mice with more buttons rather than just the two thumb buttons.

Programmability and Software

Mice come in all flavors in this category. Some mice have fully-fledged software, while some mice have just the essential controls. Some have tasteful RGB lightning, some lack RGB lighting. Here it depends on what you prefer. Whether you prefer a stealthy sleek appearance or a flashy one. In terms of the software it can add a lot of extra features and will let you fiddle with a lot more stuff and set up the mouse completely to your liking but you cannot go wrong with no software and only just onboard essential controls.


The weight of the mouse can also be a determining factor for some people. With the industry nowadays pushing for lightweight designs for less fatigue during long gaming sessions. Most mice follow the trend and come in shaved weight but there are still two aspects to weight reduction. Some mice implement the hole cutout design to decrease the weight this can be bothersome to some people. Other mice feature traditional designs but less inner reinforcement to cut the weight down. Whatever you choose is highly personal and what you are comfortable with.

Cable and Feet

These may be one of the most overlooked factors. A good cable (a flexible cable) and PTFE feet can enhance your experience, especially in fps games. A flexible cable will not cause any drag while moving the mouse making your movement consistent. PTFE feet can also reduce the friction between the mousepad and the mouse making movements feel smoother.

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Razer Viper Mini

Kicking off the list and the best mouse you can get is the new downscaled iteration of the popular mouse razer viper. The razer viper mini brings all the good features from its sibling and refines some of its flaws while being more friendly on the wallet.

The viper mini-features asymmetrical shape with the thumb buttons just on the right side. The sensor-packed in the mouse can raw track up to 8500 dpi. The tracking capability of the sensor is excellent without any flaws. The build quality of the mouse is excellent with no creaking or budging whatsoever. While being well built and robust razer managed to keep the weight down to just 61g which is very impressive considering this mouse does not even implement hole cutout design. The mouse has a total of six buttons and also integrated RGB lighting on the back edge of the mouse.

Viper mini is a small mouse having the following measurements: 11.7cm length, 3.83cm height, and width of 5.35cm of grip width. These measurements make the mouse very capable for fingertip and claw grip. Palm grip can be done but is limited to people with very small hands otherwise the hand may feel cramped. The hump is positioned in a way to facilitate the grip, not interfere with it.

The mouse also features a flexible drag-free cable preinstalled. The cable is of very good quality and is flexible enough. The feet are also PTFE owing to a very smooth glide. These two make the whole experience very pleasant. The mouse also has a software downloadable on razer’s website. The software lets you configure dpi, control the RGB lighting, and also fiddle with other stuff like binds and Lift of distance.


Very lightweight 61 grams

Excellent sensor

Optical mouse switches

Good build quality

Flexible cable and PTFE feet


Size may be too small for some people

Difficult to palm grip

To sum it up we can highly recommend the viper mini. It has excellent performance and good features. The only con with the mouse is its size. It might be too small for some people since this is a small size mouse other than that this an exceptional mouse.


Cooler Master MM710

Up next on the list is the CoolerMaster MM710. This mouse features a hole cutout design to reduce weight and the cooler master has also crammed all the top technology in this mouse to make it stand out.

Cooler master mm710 has the industry-leading PMW 3389 sensor capable of tracking accurately up to 16000dpi. The clicks used are 20million Omron switches which are very tactile and crisp. It has a total of six buttons. It is not all cherries and rainbow though the mouse has issues with its build quality. The build quality is not horrible though but still far worse from the well-built mice. The shell exhibits creaking noises and the frame can also be flexed when enough force is applied, though this does not happen while gaming.

The shape of the mouse is a semi ergonomic shape. The dimensions of the mouse are as follows: 116cm length, 62.2 grip width, and 38.5cm height. It has a wide hump at the back to facilitate your hump while being narrow and shallow at the front. This mouse can be excellent for people using claw grip due to the wide hump and narrow body. The weight of the mouse is just 53g making it the lightest mouse in this list further facilitating your grip and comfortability. To achieve this weight, the body has numerous hole cutouts which may be bothersome to some people.

This mouse also comes with flexible paracord like cable. The cable here is the best out of the bunch reducing the drag to a minimum. The mouse also features PTFE mouse feet which are very smooth and glide without any friction. The software for the mouse can also be downloaded and it can control all of the aspects of the mouse.


Extremely lightweight just 53g

Unique shape

PMW 3389 sensor

16000 dpi

Great flexible cable


Weak build quality


In conclusion, this mouse can be the best mouse based on this performance and features but due to the lack of robust build quality, it can not make the top of the list. Cooler master to their credit has listened to the feedback and are improving the upcoming batch. If you can manage to get this mouse without any build quality issues then this is an amazing mouse added to your arsenal.


SteelSeries Rival 3

Coming in at the next spot is the refresh of a legend in the gaming scene. The rival name has been in the industry since the beginning and this iteration is a modern take on the classic formula.

The rival 3 features in house SteelSeries true move sensor capable of true one to one tracking up to 8500dpi and also capable of registering movements up to 35G of acceleration. The clicks provided in this mouse are also of very good quality. They are tactile and crisp and rated at 60million click actuation. The build quality of the mouse is also excellent. There is no creaking or rattle present. A total of six buttons are present on the mouse. The buttons being left and right mouse button, dpi button, scroll wheel, and two side thumb buttons on the right side. This mouse is made for fps games in mind.

The mouse has an asymmetrical shape with a narrow base and a shallow hump towards the middle. The dimension of the mouse are as follows: 12cm length, 6.7cm grip width, and 3.8cm height. This shape caters to fingertip or claw grip brilliantly. The mouse also 77g weight making it a relatively lightweight mouse. The mouse also has three-zone RGB lighting at the edge which glows at the mousepad making for a tasteful look.

The cable the mouse comes with is a rubber cable unfortunately not the flexible ones found in other mice. The mouse feet are also traditional plastic. The mouse experience is finished with a simple and easy to use SteelSeries software which controls all the aspects of the mouse. Settings are well laid out and configuring Rgb to your liking is easy.

  • Good build quality
  • Good quality clicks
  • Tastefully embedded RGB lighting
  • 77g weight
  • Lacks the feature of some other modern mice
  • Rubber cable
  • Plastic feet are not smooth

This mouse has many things going for it. It has a very good shape and a great sensor. The build quality is also excellent. The only gripes with this particular mouse are a few nitpicks rather than being significant ones. If you can bypass the rubber cable and the plastic feet then this mouse is an excellent choice.


Logitech g203 LightSync

This highly acclaimed mouse from Logitech has been consistently among the very best mice out there. With the recent refresh ironing out some of the issues with the previous model year, this is a worthy consideration.

At the heart, the mouse is powered by a Logitech gaming-grade sensor capable of tracking up to 8000dpi accurately. The sensor is very capable and tracks without any flaws. A new metal spring button tensioning mechanism is implemented for the clicks making each click feel sharp and crisp. The mouse is also rated for consistent clicks. The mouse has fairly good build quality. The plastic is made from soft-touch material and feels smooth to the touch. The mouse has a total of six buttons.

The mouse features a classic shape with a shallow hump towards the back of the mouse. The hump is not pronounced being just enough for a comfortable feel in the hand. The mouse is suited towards claw and fingertip grip primarily, with palm being only accessible for people with small hands. The dimensions of the mouse are as follows: 11.6cm length, 6.2cm grip width, and 3.82cm height. For the weight, the mouse sits at 85g. There is also an implementation of three-zone RGB lighting at the edge of the mouse.

The mouse is also supported by the newest version of Logitech G Hub software. There is a lot of customization available. Besides the usual stuff available this mouse takes personalization a little bit further. You can sync the mouse RGB lighting to your screen or audio. When the mouse is synced it will imitate the screen. The mouse still comes with rubber cable which is a bit disappointing but we are happy to point that the mouse feet used this time around are much better and glide smoothly.

  • Good build quality
  • Good sensor performance
  • Good quality clicks
  • Good shape for fps games
  • RGB is a plus
  • The size might be too small for people with large hands
  • The weight is too much compared to other mice
  • Rubber cable

This mouse does everything right and is an excellent contender for the throne of the best mouse. It has excellent performance, good build quality, and adequate features. This mouse checks every box but it lags behind others when it comes to modern innovative trends. It still uses rubber cable and the weight is also heavy. We can recommend this mouse to anyone who is looking for a refined traditional mouse with a bit of spice of RGB added into it.


HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

This mouse from HyperX incorporates all the important features while stripping away the unnecessary flashy equipment. This mouse from the ground up was made for esports and simplicity in mind.

The mouse features state of the art 3389 sensor at the core. This latest sensor from Pixart is capable of raw tracking up to 16000dpi. The clicks are your typical Omron switches rated for the lifetime of 20 million clicks. The build of the mouse is decent. The plastic feel is subpar compared to Logitech or razer mice. The sides have added silicon grips to help assist you with the mouse grip and they work wonderfully. The mouse has a six-button layout continuing with the minimalistic form factor. At the hump of the mouse, there is an RGB illuminated HyperX logo.

This mouse is a large mouse mainly suitable for people with large hands or for the people who tend to gravitate towards palm grip. The dimension of the mouse are as follows: 128cm length, 71cm grip width, and 42cm height. Given the broad dimension, this mouse is an ergonomic mouse facilitating the complete overlap of the hand and the palm. The weight of the mouse is just shy of 100g. This is not a featherweight mouse but some people might find this a positive.

The mouse has software that lets you control certain things but honestly, the HyperX software is lackluster compared to other industry-leading mice. To top everything off the mouse has a stiff braided cable which severely hinders large mouse movements. Along with the traditional plastic mouse skates the movements tend to be enforced rather than smooth.

  • 3389 sensor
  • Large ergonomic design
  • Silicon sides to help with grip
  • 100g weight is heavy
  • Plastic feet and braided cable
  • Lackluster features

This mouse does all the necessary things required from a gaming mouse fairly well. It has immaculate performance and good build quality. Though it lacks the frills and the features of other mice this is a very good mouse and a worthy consideration for your gaming arsenal.


Razer Deathadder Elite

This mouse from Razer is a legend in the gaming scene. It has been in the scene for quite a while now and gets improved with every subtle refresh. It is highly appreciated by veteran pros and amateur players alike. The version we will looking today is the Deathadder Elite.

This mouse features the implementation of Razers 5G sensor capable of tracking true tracking up to 450 IPS(inches per second) or 50G of acceleration and reaching up to 16000 dpi. The switches featured here are also rated for 50 million click actuations making it one of the best in its class. The mouse has a total of six buttons. The build quality of the mouse is also decent. The plastic coating is smooth and feels somewhat premium. The sides have rubberized grip inserts where the thumb and fingers rest to increase overall comfort. At the hump of the mouse, there is an illuminated Razer logo.

Like the hyperX this is a large mouse primarily made for palm grip or complete overlap of the hand. The dimension of the mouse are as follows: 12.7cm in length, 7.0 cm grip width, and 4.4cm height. Given the dimensions, this mouse is a safe choice for people with medium to large size hands. The weight of the mouse is 105g. When compared to other mice this may seem heavy but since this mouse is primarily for overlap the weight poses no hindrance.

The mouse is compatible with the razer synapse software. It allows for a great deal of customization. The mouse comes with a fairly rigid braided cable but it sacrifices the flexibility offered by Pvc or paracord cable. The mouse skates are also your typical plastic ones.

  • 16000dpi
  • Excellent performance
  • Good clicks
  • Good shape for palm grip
  • Stiff braided cable and plastic feet
  • Build quality can show its age

There are a few mice that reach the legend status. This mouse is an example of a product done right. Razer has made a core concept that has stayed competitive in the ever-evolving mouse market and they keep on refining the mouse with its every iteration. Deathadder Elite has great performance and if it suits your hand size you cannot go wrong with it.


Roccat Kain 100/102

Roccat is a German company that specializes in gaming peripherals. Just on the back of that, you expect this mouse to be good and fortunately enough it does not disappoint.

Roccat kain 100 implements a pmw3331 sensor capable of reaching up to 8500cpi. The click mechanism is specially designed and engineered to reduce click latency and improve consistency. The sides have a very fine rubberized material which is extremely pleasant to the touch. The plastic body also feels premium to the touch. The mouse has a total of six buttons. We usually do not comment on the aesthetics of the mouse but here we have to say that this mouse looks clean especially in white color.

This is another ergonomic mouse having a large sloppy and curvy design to facilitate the use of palm grip. The dimension of the mouse are as follows: 12.4cm length, 6.5cm grip width, and 4.3cm height. This mouse has a convenient shape and eliminates any hard lines or curves making for a very safe shape. The weight of the mouse is 89g.

This mouse is compatible with Roccat swarm software. The software is easy to use and well laid out. All of the typical customizations is available to tinker with. The cable of the mouse though is average at best. It is a rubber cable with average flexibility and may get in the way when using the mouse aggressively. In comparison, the mouse feet are excellent though. The glide is smooth and the friction is minimal.

  • Excellent mouse clicks
  • Good build quality
  • Rubberized sides
  • Mediocre cable

This is another mouse that does all the essential stuff right. The performance is excellent and the build quality is good. It features a minimalistic design and shies away from flashy gamey aesthetic. The RGB is only implemented in the scroll wheel. Overall, this mouse gets the basic job done but if you need something flashier then you should look elsewhere.


Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

The next mouse featured in the list comes from none other than corsair. This mouse is the only wireless mouse decent enough to be a part of this list.

Since this is a wireless mouse there was some skepticism at first around the wireless connectivity and lag but we are happy to report that this mouse has basically no lag or latency compared to its wired counterpart. The wireless signal and connectivity are also top-notch with no disconnections whatsoever. The sensor implemented here is capable of reaching 10000dpi and the clicks are also rated for a solid 50 million actuation cycle. The battery life is also great coming in at 30 hours with RGB lighting or 45 hours with RGB lighting turned off. The mouse has a total of 6 buttons which are fully programmable to your liking.

The build quality of the mouse is also good with rubberized sides and scroll wheel. The size of the mouse is somewhere between a medium and large-sized mouse. The shape is great for palm and claw grip. The dimension of the mouse are as follows: 11.7cm length, 6.8cm grip width, and 4cm height. This accounts for a relatively safe shape. While having all the wireless technology inside the mouse the weight of the mouse is still surprisingly decent coming in at 100g.

Being a corsair mouse, it is compatible with their ICUE software. The software here is very easy and has good laid out menus. You can also sync the mouse Rgb with other corsair peripherals connected to the Pc. The mouse feet are plastic but they seem to glide adequately.

  • Good wireless connection
  • Rubberized sides
  • Good battery life
  • Good clicks
  • Weight is a bit steep
  • A minimalistic design might not be for everyone

To sum everything up, this mouse is a very good contender among the plethora of options available. Where this mouse takes the though over everything else is the solid wireless connectivity it brings to the table. Not having to worry about a dangling wire is a very convenient entity. The only gripe with this mouse is the weight if you can surpass that this is an excellent choice


UtechSmart Venus

Do not be fooled by the tacky name this mouse is indeed a very high-quality product.

The mouse uses a laser sensor capable of reaching up to 16400. Due to it being a laser sensor we were skeptical at first regarding the tracking performance of the mouse but we are happy to report that the sensor is very capable. It tracks perfectly as you would expect from a high-end gaming mouse. The build quality is adequate. Though it is not on the same level of the industry-leading mice but still it can definitely hold its own.

Since this is an MMO gaming mouse, the most important thing is the buttons. This mouse has a total of 12 side buttons that let you bind any action or command to help reach your maximum potential in a given situation. The side switches are not mechanical but still feel robust and clicky. The side buttons do not feel mushy which is a big plus. The mouse also has software that lets you bind the actions and commands easily that way. The software can be installed via mini-CD or through Utechsmart website.

In the box, additional weights are also included enabling you to set up the mouse to your liking. The mouse has medium to large size and is made for right-handers only. The position of the side buttons can also be adjusted without any hassle or tools. There is also a resting place for the thumb to help combat tiredness. To top everything off the mouse comes with a braided cable and Teflon mouse feet. The cable is stiff but in this sort of mouse, there is little point in having the most flexible cable so we won’t complain here.

  • 12 side buttons
  • Good laser sensor
  • Good clicks
  • Mediocre build quality
  • Janky software

This mouse is really impressive for the features it offers. It is apparent that some corners were cut but it is smartly done. All the important features are present and the performance exceeded our expectations. As it stands, we can wholeheartedly recommend this mouse to anyone looking for an MMO gaming mouse.


Corsair M55 Pro RGB

No mouse list is complete without a proper ambidextrous mouse. This mouse from corsair is the best mouse we could find in the given category.

M55 pro implements the PMW 3327 sensor capable of reaching up to 12400 dpi. The switch used in the left and right primary click is the Omron switch rated for 50 million actuations. The build quality of the mouse is mediocre. There is some flex and rattle present near the scroll wheel but the matte finish of the plastic feels very good and premium. Since this an ambidextrous mouse it has thumb buttons both on the left and right side of the mouse. This enables the left-handed people to also use the mouse just as easily as right-handers would do.

The sides of the mouse have rubberized grips preinstalled. For shape, this mouse has a very safe shape. It features a flared hump but a narrow body. The dimensions of the mouse are as follows: 12cm of length, 6cm of grip width, and max height of 4cm. Given the dimension, this mouse is best suited for claw grip. The palm grip is also applicable but only for small to medium-sized hands. For fingertip grip, this mouse may feel a bit uncomfortable due to the flared hump but it is also possible if the hand is adjusted properly. The weight of the mouse is around 89g.

The mouse is compatible with the corsair ICue software and all of your typical customizations are available in the software. The mouse comes with a stiff braided USB cable and plastic mouse feet which hinder its performance.

  • True ambidextrous shape
  • Good clicks
  • Good software support
  • Stiff braided cable and plastic feet

Though this mouse may be dead last at this list but do not mistake it for slouch either. This mouse has good performance and all the essential features baked in. Yes, this mouse may not feel like a premium product but it gets the job done just fine.


To wrap up everything we talked about in the article we would recommend the buyer to first find out his priorities and what feature he may like more than the others. No mouse is the same and every mouse has something different going for it than the rest. So, it is very important to get list the things and features you may require and narrow down the mouse list according to that.

Just a quick word of advice if you are someone who might enjoy playing Fps games you should consider the shape, size, and sensor of the mouse to be the most important factor when determining your purchase. Likewise, if you are someone who tends to play MMO or RTS games then you should consider the extra buttons and size of the mouse rather than the sensor. This is just a general estimation to help you prioritize the most important factor for your given genre of games. We have listed the most competent mice available on the market and hope you could find the best one for you.